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A few facts about Lightroom Presets

Each photographer has two essential tools at his disposal: Photoshop and Lightroom. While ordinary people are used to working with Photoshop for enhancing photos before uploading them on Facebook, Lightroom is rather unfamiliar to them since it a tool created for professionals. The main difference between the two is that the first is a pixel based image editor while the latter is both an image management and editing program. Even though the battle between the two still goes on, the majority of photographs have decided that Lightroom is the most efficient for lightening the heavy workload. The program has presets, which are the equivalent of Photoshop actions. Even if there is a similitude between HDR Photoshop actions and portrait presets, the resemblance only goes so far. However, it is important to remember that their main role is to decrease the time normally spent on editing photos.

Adobe collaborated with a work-oriented photographer when designing the presets. The result is that the enhanced program can be successfully used by professionals and amateurs alike. Compared to Photoshop, the interface is extremely user-friendly and this is the reason why it is not difficult to change the settings. The only issue with the program in general is the large number of settings available. Memorizing each setting or applying the same command over and over again is time-consuming. Therefore, anyone who gets involved in photo editing needs actions. Presets can be defined as files that contain setting information, meaning that you have the possibility to memorize all the adjustments made to a photo due to files like portrait Lightroom presets. The program remembers your preferences and next time you work it will apply automatically the right temperature, highlights, color luminance, etc. Additionally, you will not be required anymore to apply the specific adjustments to each individual file. This way, editing photos is done a lot faster and you don’t waste valuable time. Another distinctive feature of the program is the rapidity with which the settings are applied. In other words, the looks and effects are applied as soon as you click the mouse. Taking into consideration that there are so many files available, it is recommendable to carefully organize them.

Since the folder from the default location becomes quickly full with confusing lists of files, you have to organize them into folders of your own. If, for example, you want to save some develop adjustments, then you can save them as a predetermine settings. Owing to the popularity of both the program and the predetermine settings, the Internet is full of presets specially made for users. Should you spend a little time searching you can find reliable provider such as BeArt-Presets. Only you can decide whether it is worth purchasing them. If you are not a professional photographer, you may have second thoughts. The fact is that the files are merely a starting point since each RAW file is distinctive and not all actions apply to them. To sum up, it is better to equip yourself with predetermine settings in order to speed up the editing process as well as with a little bit of common sense.