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A few tips for improving pallet racking safety

Many business owners are inclined to think that racking systems are only a larger version of the metal shelving that is typically found in people’s garage. It is common belief that racking systems are not complicated, especially when it comes to the traditional selective rack. Such thinking, nonetheless, could lead you to disaster. Pallet racking for sale is a load-bearing structure that supports a variety of different loads which is the reason why it is important to have the system properly maintained. Even though rack collapse is fairly rare, it can still be extremely dangerous. In addition to causing injuries, your products may suffer damage. In order to avoid a disaster in your facility, you should use the following tips.


First of all, you should choose your storage solutions with the utmost care. There are various kinds of rack available on the market, and they range from drive-in to carton flow, not to mention that they all have different components. The fact is that if you select the wrong storage aid system, you are ten times more likely to experience damage. Therefore, a proper analysis and design is necessary in order to make sure that the storage aid system meets all the requirements of your facility. When it comes to choosing the product, bear in mind your goods, the handling method and your working area. It is not enough to take a look at the weight and dimensions of the products which will be stored. You should take into account how often your product is picked and position it in a place where it can be easily accessed.


Equally important is to understand that heavy duty storage racks structural failures are the result of three main causes. They include lift truck collision, misuse and overloading, and lack of comprehension. Your focus should be on the lack of understanding racks and the absence of a safety oriented mind-set because it will most definitely lead you to lift truck collision and overloading or misuse. Another thing to consider is the fact that accidents can be caused by improper installation and maintenance. For instance, if the uprights are not bolted to the floor, or if they have become less tight over the years, accidents will definitely occur.


If it is necessary to make modifications, then you should consult a qualified expert such as Rapid Racking. Once the parts have been installed in in your warehouse, it is crucial that you continue to use the racking system as it was originally designed. It is of huge importance to view racking as a system because this way you will be more likely to conform to strict codes. This means that you should give the same consideration to altering a beam as you would to removing a column in your distribution centre. Virtually any adjustments lead to collapse so you should pay extra attention.


Every warehouse is different and therefore has unique requirements, these general tips should provide you a good starting place to maintain proper usage and ensure safety for your workers as well as your products.