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A short guide to choosing olive oil

Olive oil has always been a big part of the Greek cuisine and its nutritional value is not to be underestimated. What the Greek seemed to know for millenniums, that olive oil is healthy and great for the body, has been confirmed in modern times by scientific proof, so olive oil has started to gain ground against other types of cooking oil rapidly. Unfortunately, the raising popularity of olive oil has determined companies selling and producing it to market all their products as extra virgin although they are in fact providing low quality olive oil in order to sell more. If you wish to purchase Greek olive oil of superior quality that is actually extra virgin oil and no less, you should pay attention to a couple of things such as its flavor and aroma, shelf life and label details. The reason why people insist of purchasing food products such as honey and oil manufactured in Greece is the fact that the soil, climate and processing method from this country contribute to creating genuine healthy and nutritional food ingredients. You can also purchase olive oil and raw organic honey from Greece online and have them delivered to your door directly from the manufacturer.


There is big difference between various types of olive oil. Depending on the pressing and processing method of the olive fruit, the quality of the oil will drop, so you should always purchase extra virgin oil. Make sure you check the products you purchase carefully, because some manufacturers sell refined olive oil and claim it to be EVOO. There are three ways you can discover the true nature of the olive oil you are buying. The first one is rather simple: you need to check out its taste and smell. Real olive oil will always have a hint of peppery finish in aroma and flavor. Taste your olive raw like you would do with wine and try to identify this flavor. The second method of uncovering an EVOO impostor is by checking whether it has a shelf life or not. True olive oils will have a shelf life or at least an expiration time of maximum two years. Last, but not least, you should always study the label when buying olive oil. Do not get tricked by the name of the brand or the marketing tricks manufacturers use to make you buy their products. A careful inspection of the label will betray the true nature of the olive oil in most cases.


If you wish to purchase real Greek olive oil and raw organic honey, you can access an online store like that specializes in spreading genuine Greek foods and ingredients in the world. Using olive oil handpicked by a specialist will not only guarantee that you have the right type of oil, but also that you will be using a product of superior quality. What is more, products will be delivered directly at your doorstep.