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Add value to your business through an international cargo alliance

Although multinational forwarding companies still dominate this share of the market, their influence has begun to fade as more and more independent forwarders have made their appearance in the market and began gaining more ground. This was a result of globalization and free trade, as manufacturers and retailers around the world needed to move merchandise and goods on a larger scale than ever. Anyway, as I said, independent forwarders made their way into the market and started gaining more and more ground, which they were able to do through the help of international forwarding networks, a highly useful platform for them. On its own, a small, independent freight forwarder may not have the necessary tools to compete with a multinational company at a global level, but as part of an international cargo alliance, it gets to benefit from a well-developed support system and highly useful tools in that direction.


If you are an independent forwarder, whether air freight or sea freight, then you can definitely add value to your business by joining an international cargo alliance, such as The Cooperative Logistics Network. First of all, as part of a logistics network you will be able to cater to much larger contracts and projects, operating on a global scale, which will definitely mean that your business will be more valuable for clients worldwide. Not only that, but a larger pool of clients will be able to find your services, as international forwarding networks have a global brand that all members can market their services under, so you will gain more exposure at an international level; again a valuable benefit. It is exactly because we live in a highly globalized world and even more so of an economy, that the power of cooperation should not be underestimated and a freight network gives your business a strong position to that extent. Of course, there are certain requirements and standards of service and quality that your company must comply with as well, which can only be favorable, because these networks encourage forwarders to be the best they can be and provide the best possible services.


In addition to a global brand and the possibility to tender to larger contracts, international forwarding networks also bring value to your business through the fact that they give you the leverage to win and secure new business. This is directly linked to the core principal that lies at the basis of an international cargo alliance, which is that collaboration and cooperation are key. To that extent, you will be able to exchange shipments with partners and members around the world, which means you will definitely be able to secure new business and make a name for yourself. The bottom line is that, in today’s economy and market field, freight forwarders are highly sought after and independent forwarders can finally compete with multinational companies that have dominated the industry for a long time, by adding value and power to their businesses, which they can do through global logistics networks.