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All you need to know about Chinese herbal medicine

Western civilizations rely mostly on drugs when it comes to treating various conditions. When the average person experiences pain or when he needs to reduce inflammation after having suffered a sports injury, he usually takes a pill. Although this may seem harmless, the fact is that people have formed a habit out of taking pills, which is not at all without consequences. Try as they might, researchers have not been able to develop drugs powerful enough to fight the bacteria that keep on evolving and the more toxic chemicals they introduce in them, the more the person who takes the drugs has to suffer. Not only are they inefficient and harmful for the body, but drugs can lead people into developing addictions. Nevertheless, there is a more natural solution for treating illnesses, more precisely herbal remedies such as those marketed by Shenyi Center of Chinese Medicine. What makes these products unique is that they are derived from traditional Chinese medicine, the benefits of which are widely known.

The Chinese people are no strangers to herbal remedies. In fact, they have been using them for over 300 years so as to treat various illnesses and conditions. Even though western and Chinese medicine do not see eye to eye, TCM has managed to slowly impose itself as a role model. The result is that now herbal remedies can be found on the shelves of any store and the demand is higher and higher. Natural remedies are generally referred to as herbal medicine and they comprise roots, flowers, seeds, leaves, fruits, branches, etc. No matter the illness concerned, TCM treatment focuses on two aspects: curing heat and cold syndromes. Although TCM uses other practices such as acupuncture, herbs are the main foundation. Equally important is that the Chinese make a clear distinction between drugs and herbs. Only a number of 500 plants are denominated as official drugs, while the other are simply plants used mostly in folk medicine and which are not recognized. A clear example of certified drugs is Jinkui Shenqi Wan that is usually recommended for diabetes and asthma cases.

Herbs are so efficient that they are able to cure countless conditions without affecting the body in any way. The reason for this is that herbs are natural, and consequently unrefined as compared to Western drugs. Herbal remedies are so safe that they are even prescribed to reduce the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and antibiotics. As opposed to antibiotics, they do not weaken the immune system, but they rather make it stronger. For example, Wuzi Yanzong wan benefits include curing the kidney and restoring its vital essence. Another important characteristic of Chinese herbal medicine is that it is extremely useful for preventing illnesses as well. It is widely known that is better to avoid certain developing conditions than having to treat them. Headaches are not only painful, but once you get them, it is hard to relieve the pain. That is why it is advisable to take some herbal remedies and avoid stress factors so as not to get headaches. For the reason prevented above, you should at least give herbal cures a try.