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Archeological sites, a must see of Cancun

Visiting Cancun is one of the things you have to put on your bucket list, in case it is not already there. This amazing resort from the Caribbean Sea is one of the most beautiful in the world, and as soon as you get there, you will be surprised to discover that everything you have heard about it is not doing it justice. Cancun is not a mere destination for those who enjoy lying in e sun and swimming: it is actually the place where you will find out that the sea can have dozens of blue shades and the sands are as crystalline and translucent as a powder. The area has everything a tourist may want: relaxing resorts, luxurious shopping centers, water sports and facilities, and last but not least, an impressive culture. Even if few people are aware of this, Cancun has an incredible history and the past of these places has had a great influence on the manner the city looks like nowadays.


If you ever have the chance to visit the region and participate in a tour Riviera Maya, you will definitely discover its hidden beauties, which are actually archeological sites considered UNESCO patrimony. Only 40 years ago, Cancun was only a fishing village, and it is actually amazing to see how it has evolved into becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with about 5 million people coming here annually. Of course, this has happened for good reason, since the city has something to offer to any person that comes here to spend their holidays. The cultural heritage of this area impresses all those who reach it, convinced that the city can only offer them azure waters, vast beaches and famous parties. Ages ago, the region was inhabited by Mayan people, a rare and eccentric civilization that has left a strong mark, which is still persistent in our days. Cancun holidays are always surprising even for those who are aware of the particularities of the Maya culture, because they represent a genuine time foray, since the traditional elements have been so well maintained. Among all the Maya ruins existing in the world, it seems that those near Cancun are the most impressive, due to their complexity. Chichen Itza, Coba, El Rey, Tulum, Uxmal or Ek Balam are only some of the most popular ruins that you should not miss if you come to Cancun. Olympus Tours is one of the companies you can collaborate with if you are planning to make Riviera Maya one of your next holiday destinations.


Besides the ruins, the cenotes are also a great attraction in terms of culture and geography. These are rare and original landforms, providing a great natural spectacle for those who come to see them. In addition to this, their mystery is even greater, given the fact that they were used by ancient Maya inhabitants as the location for various religious ceremonies, such as Gods worship rituals or offerings. Any road trip or tour in the area should include a visit to the Maya ruins