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Assisted living – improving senior health and quality of life

Assisted living facilities are a great alternative to homecare and nursing homes. After entering retirement, your parents will require assistance to complete everyday tasks, not to mention that you will also need to take into consideration their changing health needs. While worrying about these things, you will also have to face their desire to not be put into a nursing home. The desire to retain their independence even at old age is only natural. Fortunately, assisted living facilities offer the same benefits of nursing homes and homecare services combined. You will be able to ensure that your parents will be taken care of by the best caretakers without the limitations of homecare and your parents will retain their independence and liberty they would normally lose inside a nursing home.


Assisted senior living facilities are in fact residential facilities where the elders receive access to personal care 24/7. Support, nutrition, wellness services are also included in the package, and the residents will be able to maintain their independence as well. You could say that this type of senior care is the intermediate step between homecare and nursing homes. It is ideal to provide homecare in the beginning and resort to assisted living when the needs of the senior citizens become too great for you alone to handle and you require the help of a professional. It is needless to mention that nursing homes are supposed to be the last step, in the unfortunate event when constant supervision is required to ensure the safety of your beloved. If your parents require help, but not necessarily round-the-clock medical care, assisted living is the perfect solution. You can easily find a facility by accessing


Assisted living facilities can improve the quality of life of senior citizens through various health and wellness programs. The elderly receive access to the latest gym equipment and personal trainers. Physical activity plays an important role in enhancing the overall health of the elderly, so the equipment provided by assisted living facilities is beyond what one can provide at home. Assisted senior living communities also offer great interaction opportunities making sure residents will spend their time pleasantly in the company of others. Socializing with peers is essential for the happiness of retired people. Another advantage assisted living facilities can offer is security. Knowing that your retired parents are living in a safe environment is all that matters in the end. No matter how much we love our parents and family members, we cannot always protect them against accidents and ensure their wellbeing, but we can make sure that they are living in a place that will offer them the security they need. These types of facilities prepare medical alert systems, their buildings are designed with the focus on mobility and accessibility, shower railings are installed and many other precaution measures are taken for the sake of their residents. Last but not least, assisted living facilities are built on the underlying principle of assisting without compromising the independence of the residents.