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Avoid these mistakes when starting a small corporation in Norway

You are contemplating the idea of starting a new shop in Norway. The truth is that there has never been a better time to start a small corporation. The costs for running a company are low and, most importantly, the economy is booming. Starting a small corporation in Norway is a pretty straightforward process. Nevertheless, it seems that entrepreneurs still make mistakes. Even if your business does not end up costing you dearly, something definitely will. It is the law of start-ups. You are going to make mistakes, but this does mean you should despair. The important thing is that you fix them afterwards. Here are some mistakes you should watch out for.

The biggest mistake you can make is laying the foundations of your company without knowing what options are available in terms of form of business organizations and what limitations are there. You can organize your business many ways, but it is better to starte AS. AS is the most common type of company in Norway. AS stands for sole proprietorship, which is a business owned by one person. For someone who is at the beginning of the road, an AS is the best form of business organization to start. Owners of an independent legal entity do not have personal liability for company debts, not to mention that starte enkeltmannsforetak is beneficial in terms of profits. Many businesses develop later on into large corporations. It is not surprising that limited companies are so common in Norway. What about limitations? You will not be able to transfer shares easily.

Another big mistake is not organizing your ownership rights. When opprette AS, you should opt for a shareholding structure. More precisely, you should find one or more investors to invest in the shop. This is a popular way of developing businesses. An AS holding company has many advantages. One advantage is that you do not have to pay tax dividends. But this is not the only one. Your limited corporation needs at least 30,000 crowns in capital share. The share capital is equal to the number of investors. The gains you make from the sale of the shares are not taxable, meaning you have the option to defer tax.

Without any question, the biggest mistake you can make is not preparing ahead of time. If you genuinely want to etablere AS in Norway, then you had better make sure everything is in order. To succeed, you will have to make some efforts. What you have to do is get ready your memorandum and articles of association. If you do not have the time to do this yourself, get an auditor to help you. For assistance, get in touch with You will be required to open a bank account and deposit your share capital. Nevertheless, the account will be blocked until you register the business organization. When you receive confirmation of the payment, you can notify DNB. Register your shop. Finally yet importantly, good luck. The likelihood is that you are going to need it.