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Basic things you should know about a parts washer

The automotive industry is a competitive domain, and since the demand and expectations of the clients are constantly growing, manufacturing companies must perfect their methods and pay attention to any detail. For companies which use a JIT (just in time) production system, having everything in good condition as soon as possible is extremely important, which is the creation process and the result should be flawless. Everything plays an important role, from the materials used to the parts washing equipment, whose purpose is to clean parts and prepare them for assembly. Few people know the struggle behind the automotive industry, because even the smallest parts must be perfectly cleaned the moment they are put together and the vehicle starts to take shape. Washing the parts before assembling them is extremely important for new vehicles, but parts washers are also used to clean older pieces, which may not work anymore due to grease or dirt. This device is used to eliminate contaminants and stains such as oil, grime, ink or paint, resulting not only after the manufacturing process, but also after a long usage of a certain part.

This special ‘washing machine’ is used during both the manufacturing and remanufacturing processes, for various parts of a vehicle, regardless its features or dimensions. Any type of part can be cleaned using such a machine, no matter how big or small they are: fasteners, screws, bolts, or engine, rails and turbines. This way, all the pieces are prepared for assembly, packing and alter on, for distribution. Ever since ancient times, this device was used, but it was based on a rudimentary technique: water and detergents were mixed, a tank was filled with the resulting solution and parts were sunk there, to make the dirt easier to remove. Once parts stayed long enough in the solution which was supposed to melt dirt, the cleaning was made manually. Nowadays, parts washing machines for sale are available on the market, but there are some considerable differences, which appeared due to technological development. To begin with, the water used is almost at its boiling point and the detergents are eco friendly and secure both for the environment and for people. Secondly, the dirt is no longer removed manually, but due to the high temperature and efficient solvents, it simply flows off the vehicle parts.

In case you are considering starting a business in a related field, you should know that there are some reputable companies offering complete parts washing services and supplies, such as Safe Solvents. They use innovative methods and agents, which is why they represent a top company in the domain. However, there are people who mistake a parts washer with a pressure washer, but these are who different cleaning tools: while the first one acts automatically on parts closed in a reservoir, the latter is represented by a manually operated instrument with a strong spray jet at the end. To add more points to this view, as a general fact, the first is used to wash internal parts of a vehicle, while most of the times the pressure washer is used for the exterior.