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Benefits of exfoliating socks

Nowadays, more and more people have problems with the skin on their soles and end up going to a dermatologist because it is so thick and cracked that they cannot walk without experiencing pain. This might come as a surprise, but office workers are very affected by this problem, because, despite the fact that they do not make physical effort, they wear the same pair of uncomfortable shoes all day long. Keeping your feet shod the entire day means they do not breathe. This may generate various skin conditions, which can start with benign symptoms and develop into serious problems that can affect daily life, such as foot cornea. If you want to lower the chances of getting foot problems, you should make sure that hygiene rules are always respected and that you use quality treatments. For example, the exfoliating socks from are a revolutionary product that has many benefits, giving you satisfaction since the first uses.


Peeling your feet and removing the unwanted dead skin is the first one to be mentioned. It is a natural way of fighting against Hornhaut and harshness of the feet skin. The exfoliation process means to getting rid of the dead skin so that you feet are young and revitalized again. Bathing your feet in warm water will speed up the process and therefore shorten the time required for the exfoliation process. Some feet may exfoliate to a higher extent than others, depending of the thickness of the skin. By eliminating dry skin you are revealing a new, fresh layer. Therefore, although your feet might look grim for a few days, in the end you will have smooth, healthy soles.


Secondly, exfoliating socks reduce stubborn Hornhautentferner or cracked heels with only one application. These patches of skin called corns can develop on your feet because of the footwear. Going to a doctor is advisable, but mostly the lack of time pushes us to find other solutions. Exfoliating socks are very easy to use and you do not need to worry about side effects if you respect the instructions. Do not attempt to remove the dead skin by cutting and scrubbing aggressively, because this is very painful and you risk getting an infection. It is recommended to use the exfoliating socks for several weeks, keeping them on for maximum 120 minutes per session.


Thirdly, this solution has been designed to offer you comfort and the latest low irritant formula is great for those with sensitive skin. It requires minimum effort and no wasted time going to a salon. The formula consists of careful selected natural enzymes and acids, which allow its molecules to penetrate the layers of dead skin cells. During the application you may experience a cold, tingling sensation, which is normal. If you want to move around, you can do that but it is not advisable as they are slippery. All in all, this innovation formula will leave your feet smooth and highly moisturized, and at the same time, will give you a professional home-treatment.