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Here’s why every woman should consider trying Pilates

When it comes to Pilates, there are two types of women: those who have never tried it and those who are die-hard enthusiasts. Those in the first category should definitely consider entering a Pilates studio at least once in their life because the moment they do so, they will want to come back again. There are many studies that show the health benefits Pilates can have over a woman, so here is a list of the most important of them.

Believe it or not, Pilates is great for easing back pain. Working in an office and staying for several hours in a row on a chair can have severe consequences on your back. Many people complain about having back pain due to their job and the easiest and most efficient way to relieve pain and make it go away is to practice Pilates. Attending courses for one month only can be of great help and ease lower back pain, the only thing remaining is to make time and attend those Pilates Firenze courses.

Many people are on the opinion that this form of exercise will put a lot of pressure on their joints, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Pilates implies making controlled and slow movements, so joints are not affected in any way. Also, it is recommended to use a reformer that is specifically designed for Pilates and which is different from the reformer used in yoga classes, in the sense that the former one is a lot thicker than the latter one.

Another great benefit that comes with this type of physical activity is that it helps you hone your focus. During the exercises, you are urged to focus not only on your body, but also on your breath and on the way the two move together. Just as in the case of yoga Firenze classes, Pilates enhances coordination of body, breath and mind. This means that for a full hour, you are forced to forget about your daily problems, such as bills, work, boyfriends or any other drama that may give you bad mood.

Studies have shown that women attending Pilates courses have become more flexible after only a few sessions. Most women’s first thought when they hear about this type of physical activity is that you have to be flexible in order to do Pilates, but the truth is you only get more flexible by practicing it. Also, other studies have shown that women’s sexual experience has significantly improved once they started attending Pilates courses.

Since it implies physical activity, Pilates is also great for those who want to lose fat. The more experienced you become at this sport, the more calories you will be able to burn. However, you have to keep in mind that in order for this method to succeed, it is essential you use professional equipment or to enroll to Pilates courses at a professional gym, as it is the case of Playoff Firenze for instance.

All things considered, these are the main reasons why women should try Pilates.

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Women and fitness: two courses they love

Women are absolutely driven by the strong desire to have the perfect body. Their most important goal is that of losing weight and toning their muscles, in order to look pretty enough to be able to wear short skirts when summer comes. The goal is simple, at least in theory. In practice however, there is a lot of hard work and you need some strong willpower if you are going to succeed. Of course, fitness has changed greatly in the last few years and it is no longer just about lifting weights, doing pushups and running for miles. If you visit a trustworthy fitness center you will discover that there are a lot of choices, more and more diverse. Some of these options speak directly to women and they are highly appreciated. Two in particular have drawn the attention of most women. Looking closely at these fitness training courses might help you understand where this popularity comes from and maybe offer you an idea in terms of future plans.


Spinning is among the top preferred sports by women. When signing up to fitness clubs, women are instinctively drawn to spinning. Firenze spinning classes come in a large number because the demand is incredibly high. Most likely, the explanation is found in the part of the body that is most put to work. Women want to have those long slim legs. Thanks to spinning they will obtain these legs. However, if they continue practicing the sport, at a more intense level, the effect is contrary, meaning that their legs start gaining real muscles. Of course this happens in time. So you needn’t worry about it. Spinning is also fun and quite competitive and maybe that is why it is so popular among women. Ridding a bike to nowhere would otherwise seem a bit tedious. With a great instructor, your training classes will be quite entertaining and fun.


Zumba classes are something completely different. When the course begins you know that it happened. Music is heard everywhere in the training center and women start to move their body with great speed. Once you found a zumba corsi a Firenze and go for one class you will want to come back for more. It is that addictive. The great thing about this sport is that it works on a lot of your muscles at the same time. Losing weight and muscle toning will certainly become more entertaining and they will also be completed faster. Zumba is about dancing, while using fitness movements. So, what could go wrong? If you are planning to bring fitness in your life, here is what you have to do. You need to first find a dedicated center and then choose a course that appeals to you. Playoff Firenze is a solid recommendation in this regard, being a trustworthy and dedicated fitness center with lots of options in terms of classes. Visit this establishment and see for yourself. Bring sport in your life and you will have only to gain. Everything will change, you’ll see.

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Why is Thai Boxing good for women?

In the past training in martial arts was considered an activity for men, and the majority of women prefer to practice other sports. But now we are living in an era where women can practice any activity they want, and they feel their have skills for. The present times are all about women empowerment, so it may be the time for you, as a woman to try this sport. People nowadays consider strong women sexy, so this is exactly what you should want to be looked like. Yes, women are built more delicately than men are, but this does not mean that they cannot do the same activities. The fact is that the women who practice sport on a regularly basis are stronger than the majority of men are. What you should know is that Thai boxing focuses on the hardest parts of a woman’s body as the top of their head, their knees and their elbows, and they have to take care during the training, because they can get injured.

The greatest benefits of practicing corsi Thai boxe Firenze is that you can eat whatever you want and you will not have to worry about your weight. This is every woman’s dream, to eat as much as they want and to fit in their favorite pair of jeans. A sessions of boxing will make you lose up to 1000 calories, so what other training can do this for your body? Thai Boxing combines martial arts techniques with cardio, and this means that your entire body will benefit of a strong workout. Only by dong the stretching and conditioning exercise, you will burn the calories you have eaten at lunch.

The women who practice boxing do not have self-confidence issues, because they know that their body looks beyond everyone’s dreams. You will be able to do new exercises daily, so the feeling that this week you are stronger than the last one will make you feel confident and you will be sure that you are able to get to the next level. Boxing helps you become a better version of yourself, and if you want to have better results, then you should combine it with allenamento funzionale Firenze. The worst enemies of a woman are her hormones, so if you want to fight them, then you should try this training. Boxing will increase the level of serotonin and endorphins in your body and it will lower the cortisol that is a bad hormone. In this way, you will be able to deal with mood swings and unnecessary stress.

The combination of movements incorporated in this training will help you develop muscles you did not even think you have. If you are already hit the gym Playoff Firenze, boxing will improve your flexibility, sore strength and range of movements. Moreover, the cardio part of the workout will boost your stamina so you will not suffer any more from shortness of breath. Boxing is a great activity, and you should at least try it, to see how you feel.

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What can Crossfit do to your body?

People are endless seeking the method through which they can obtain the perfect body. With the fitness market growing as fast as it does today, you might be tempted to say that finding exactly the way to fulfill your goal should not be at all difficult. Well, it just so happens, as in other domains, that the more options you have, the harder it is to decide. You want to try them all and quickly you get bored. The temptation to give up completely is certainly higher than the possibility to continue your search for the ideal work out program. So, what is there to do? Will you simply go with the flow and try as much as you can to make the best with a program you have already made acquaintance with or try the program everyone is talking about? They say it’s hard, that it is not for everyone, that people quit and that it completely changes your body! So, are you ready for the challenge?


In most fitness Firenze gyms, you will notice that there are some programs called crossfit. Some athletes even call them schools, most likely because they are incredibly competitive. If you decide to take part in a palestra crossfit Firenze based, you will discover that the exercises performed have huge effects upon your body. If you are looking to lose weight, this would be a good way to achieve it. Of course, before signing up to any of these programs, you should be in shape, because they are extremely demanding. As you know losing weight will happen rapidly once you start working out at the gym, up to point when it stops. Your body can no longer lose weight if you perform the same exercises. That is when crossfit comes into action. When putting your body to great effort, you will notice that the lose weight process picks up again. Plus, you will be closer to your goal, that of achieving the perfect body. You will begin losing weight exactly in those parts of your body you wanted. These programs include a large diversity of exercises, which aim at working multiple parts of your body at the same time.


Additionally, being so intense, you will obtain all these results in record time. This of course doesn’t mean you have to stop. When you feel you need to take a break, instead of giving up on sports altogether, you should return to your regular fitness program and take up crossfit later on when you are ready. There is one fundamental rule when it comes to this program. Being intense, difficult and highly demanding for the body, it is best to follow the program in the company of a professional and dedicated trainer. He or she will lead the group to success, offering the proper tips and the needed cheering to help you obtain your goals. Playoff Firenze is a fitness center, highly popular in Firenze, providing all interested clients the devices and assistance to get in shape. With a team of excellent trainers, this fitness center is the place to go, whether you might be looking to lose weight or simply put some muscle on.


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Tips for families who love being active

If you have a big family and you want to help your little kids understand the importance of being active, you should know that you could bring them to some sports classes where they will have the chance to improve their coordination. It is very difficult to be parent and have a job at the same time, but you will have to organize your time in order to do more healthy things. Fortunately, you just have to find a reliable gym and make some subscriptions for you and your children and come to classes. But don’t worry because it doesn’t mean that you will have to use some complicate machines because this is not true at all. Some gyms are organizing special sports for little children, so you can send them there. They will have the chance to improve the ability to move in space, but they will also have the chance to develop their imagination. Parents should concentrate more on helping their children grow healthier, so they must start finding the best baby sport possible. Not only you need to exercise every day, but also your children because they are growing and they must develop strong bones as well as healthy muscles. You have to talk with them and explain them how important it is to listen to the instructor and repeat what they are doing during a class.

Many children have coordination problems because they are not active every day. But you have to help your children get rid of this problem and encourage them to play more. Fortunately, there are some special gyms where your kids will have the chance to move and interact with other children in a fun and stimulating way. The music plays a significant role because it will help them keep the rhythm and have fun at the same time. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to send your kids to this type of sport because they will love it from the very beginning. They will improve the basic motor skills and they will have more courage to express themselves. Don’t forget that you need to take care of your body too because your kids need you, so you have to be healthy and active all the time. There are many different types of exercising and you will have to find the best one for you. You must consider corsi danza africana Firenze because you will feel very good after every course. You will never become bored because you will enjoy the music and the atmosphere.

You must know that some couples like going to some dance courses together because they feel so much confident and motivated. You shouldn’t avoid participating to an activity that has been inspired by African dances, because you will see that this is funnier than any other training or workout. If you don’t know any place where you can do that, you should know that Playoff Firenze is the perfect place. You and your family members will enjoy this wonderful gym because they are organizing a variety of activities and courses.

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Why is boxing the perfect form of training?

When it comes to the perfect form of training, there are many opinions contradicting. Some say that plyometrics are the answer, others that spinning is fat’s worst enemy. But when it comes to boxing, all the voices claim that it is the ultimate fat burner. This is an efficient full body workout, training different group muscles, which increases the resistance in a different way than the previously mentioned workouts do. Playoff Firenze is a great boxing class provider, the class being part of a varied portfolio. However, let’s analyze in the following paragraphs why boxing is such a great workout.

Plenty of calories burned

If the main goal you have while exercising is to lose weight, the number of calories burned during that workout is an important consideration. Boxers, on average burn somewhere 445-500 calories in a 60 minutes’ workout session. Of course, the number of calories burned during a session depends from athlete to athlete and the specific tasks involved in the workout. But if you consider the amazing amount of calories on average, this tops other workout forms by far. Comparing how many calories you burn during boxing and weightlifting, or jogging, the difference is obvious in boxing’s advantage.

It is a great resistance workout

While competitive boxing does not include plenty of resistance workout, a great emphasis falls on this amazing workout form if we consider the training sessions. There is a combination of various exercises such as weight training, bag drills and cardio exercises that are able to increase the athlete’s resistance, stamina and pulmonary capacity. Although boxing puts a great accent on working the upper body, all muscle groups receive a throughout workout.

It is a great cardiovascular workout

Boxers win their matches by running, not only by staying in the gym. And although professional boxers do run a lot, specialized boxe Firenze classes include in the session a couple of great cardio exercises that will increase the pulmonary capacity and strengthen the heart muscles. Visible results will be seen only if all the muscles groups are worked out in parallel with a serious cardio workout.

A high impact exercise

Although boxing is so efficient for weight loss purposes, if you are not in great physical form, you might want to see what other low-impact classes can you find at professional gyms such as Playoff Firenze. Start with easier workout forms and then switch to something high impact such as boxing. Being a self-defense sport, you must have a great physical form in order to enroll in such courses. If you have recent injuries or have athletic deficiencies, try spinning and weightlifting, and then step up your game to boxing.

Bottom line is, boxing is indeed a great form of workout, able to solicit the entire body. It has great effects in terms of weight loss, but if you know that you lack proper physical form, you might want to try something less soliciting and then upgrade to this workout form. Make sure you only enroll in authorized classes, at authorized gyms.

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