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Choosing the right Ottawa towing company

There are times when you inevitably need to resort to car towing services such as a blowout tire, a dead battery, out of gas or locked out. In such cases, it is important to know more about your towing options to ensure that you will choose the right type of service and your car will arrive safely at destination. Instead of relying on a friend’s car and an improvised wire to tow your vehicle, you should resort to professional help. Contrary to expectations, car towing is not about the motor power of the vehicle pulling the damaged car. It is easy to haul a vehicle from a spot; the tricky part is controlling it and putting it to a stop. There are many things you need to take into consideration when you are towing a car. The most important detail is ensuring that the tow truck is heavy enough to handle your car.


If the couch vehicle is not heavier than the car in tow, stopping both vehicles will be difficult and an accident might occur when hitting the brakes. Towing Ottawa companies use an aftermarket braking system to ensure that such accidents do not happen. These ingenious systems send an electrical impulse to the car in tow and activate the brakes. Breakaway brakes are also widely used, as it applies the car’s brakes in the eventuality it become unattached by accident. If you resort to flatbed car towing services, you can rest assured that your car is safely secured on the back of a special vehicle designed to haul cars for long distances. You can read more about safety towing at, a reputable towing service provider in Ottawa.


When we see a car being towed, we involuntarily start panicking. If the person doing the towing did not make the right connections, there is a high chance of the car in tow to detach from the couch vehicle and cause an accident. A moving car without a driver is a cause of worry because you cannot trust the people doing the towing know what they are doing, if they are not professionals. Drivers encountering improvised towing vehicles on the road need to be careful and keep a safe distance, because braking is not signalized. When it comes to car towing, there are numerous solutions available on the dedicated market. If you get to choose between a flatbed trailer and a tow dolly, you should choose the first, because this is the safest method of hauling a vehicle. Hooking the trailer to the tow car will give you the peace of mind a dolly or bar cannot possibly ensure. Driving your car on the flatbed of a tower truck and fixing it there is another solution, but this method is generally preferred for long rides. The added security will keep your beloved car and other safe, so paying more on a flatbed trailer is an investment worth doing. Make sure you contact a reliable towing company and that its tow trucks are in perfect shape.