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Chronic fatigue syndrome: symptoms and remedies

Our jobs often take all of our time and energy. It is common nowadays to feel exhausted from time to time. However, if your state is a permanent one, you might encounter some health problems you are not aware of. You might have tried a vitamin treatment. If it had no results, you might be suffering of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). It is characterized by the inability to have a normal life, and handle normal tasks as driving a car or taking your children from school. The treatment often consists of adequate medication. However, studies have shown that this syndrome can be controlled with an adequate lifestyle and a chronic fatigue syndrome diet. In order to be able to take further action and treat yourself, you need to be able to identify the symptoms.

In order to be diagnosed correctly with CFS and/or start a fibromyalgia treatment, you need to have together the following three symptoms. Your state of fatigue lasts for longer than six months, at least, and has no apparent reason. The second is your inability to handle daily tasks. The third consists of a series of affections that have occurred in the last six months with a high frequency. If you have noticed having memory changes, problems sleeping or waking up even more exhausted, a frequent low grade infections like sore throat or frequent headaches, mood swings or depression, a poor general mental and physical state, those might be some indicators of your condition. In Fibromyalgia a diffuse aching and pain syndrome which changes from location to location from time to time.

If you recognize these symptoms, you can make an appointment at a center specialized in metabolic diseases. They can provide help and therapy since the master Hypothalamic system is the main center of energy, fatigue, sleep, stress, appetite and weight and relate to pain, mood, and other neurocognitive systems. The therapy often consists of a diet and some medication. If it seems peculiar, you should know that there is a strong link between stress, lifestyle, diet and your general health state. A diet based on natural ingredients, processed as little as possible can provide greater benefits than you imagine. The human body has been genetically designed to function properly on a fresh raw diet, paired with natural oils like olive oil, instead of butters. Another option of healthy fats is seeds and nuts. They can provide the necessary resources of healthy fats and can improve the general state of health, especially mental health. Processed oils and foods, in general, cannot provide the same health benefits as raw foods. Sugar is another enemy of your wellbeing. You might be tempted to eat larger amounts of sugary foods if you are suffering from Hypothalamic Dysfunction/chronic fatigue/Fibromyalgia Syndromes, but bear in mind that they can provide energy just for a short period. After that, you will encounter a decline and find it even more difficult to restore it to normal levels. Try raw fruits and vegetables instead of processed sugar. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and the energy they provide can last longer.

If you have noticed some of the above symptoms in yourself, our advice is to make an appointment at the Metabolic Care Centre and see if you fit the chronic fatigue syndrome. They can provide specialized help. Do not ignore the signs. This syndrome is a serious disease and has a negative impact on your life.