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Cleaning methods used by automotive manufacturers

The competition in the automotive industry is extremely fierce, which is why some cutting edge details are needed for those who want to become the first choice partner of those who are looking for a car. Since clients are very pretentious and the demands are increasing, manufacturers are obliged to meet the expectations and improve their methods and services constantly. Taking into consideration that the JIT system has developed a lot lately, everything must be set in record time and the products must be flawless. Just in time, a production strategy launched especially for the automotive industry by a Japanese company, makes sure that manufacturers’ wastes are minimum and the products are delivered to clients the exact moment when they need them. For this reason, the resources needed have to be extremely performing, from professional and well trained workers to the best parts washer fluid used to clean the pieces before the assembly. For the companies using this production method, it is extremely important to have all the materials in good condition and all the parts have to be created simultaneously, so that the final product can be assembled at once. All the details are equally important, from the colours, to the manner in which parts are washed, which is why the pieces of equipment must be the most efficient.

As far as parts cleaning is concerned, manufacturers have perfected their methods a lot, and while ages ago this meant making vehicles work better, now it represents an element which can bring added value to the final product. Initially, the washing process was rather rudimentary: water and detergents were mixed in a container and parts were sunken in order for the dirt to get moist and easier to remove manually. Since technology has developed, nowadays the process is made with professional machines, and industrial parts washer for sale is available on the market in a wide variety. Most of the times, these are eco friendly and safe machines, using high temperatures and mechanical energy, depending on the parts and type of dirt they have to remove. For instance, the thermal element is extremely efficient to clean oils: together with the detergents, there is a chemical reaction which makes grease simply flows away. Using this method, even the dirtiest parts can be cleaned with a solution obtained from water at about 80°C and special solving agents. Most of the companies in the automotive industry use this method because it is very effective and brings fast results, even if the process is not that complicated. Of course, this also depends on the materials used for the parts and also on the washing devices, because some cannot tolerate high temperatures.

The parts washers are normally complex machines, because they have to perform a meticulous job, so they have to be chosen carefully. In addition to this, if you are interested in purchasing solvents and agents used by professional manufacturers, Safe Solvents is one of the best options you have on the market. Read some relevant reviews before choosing, and make an informed decision.