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Common misconceptions about online gaming

When you think about online players, the first thing that comes to your mind is a person who spends a lot of time inside the house, in front of the computer. This is the most common stereotype related to gamers, which generally depicts them as asocial (or even antisocial) individuals – a wrongful opinion most people have. The gaming industry has developed a lot, and those who work in the field have strived to offer their clients the best experiences. For this reason, they have created not only performing graphics and design, but also a dedicated environment that can facilitate interaction and support. At this moment, there is an increasingly large social game network more and more people are part of, but this does not come as a place where players can isolate themselves from reality. On the contrary, the network represents the place where they are free and can find similar fellows.


Although there are still people who think that gamers are a special category of people who cannot relate to others, the existence of these social networks proves that they are as sociable as any other group. The stories according to which people can get serious addictions and sometimes obsessions in relation to video games have become very popular years ago, but nowadays, the gaming community is actually seen as a compact group, perfectly integrated in the society. Taking into consideration that the main thing that unites players is their passion for online gaming, and it is somehow normal to be considered different by those who do not share the same passion. Interestingly enough, the main element that makes a gaming network so popular is its degree of interactivity, because nobody wants to be part of a group where nothing ever happens. The members of online communities communicate and support each other, sharing relevant information about what is new on the market. As you can see, the social network gaming is maybe more vivid than any other, because new games and devices appear constantly, and those who are passionate about them need to keep up with all the changes. Another popular misconception is that games are for children or for those who have nothing better to do. In fact, it has been proven that playing games from an early age can help kids develop their strategic thinking and solution orientation. Furthermore, some studies have shown that most of the times, adults who play online games are those who have a busy schedule and stressful activities, because it helps them relax and disconnect from reality.


These are only some of the most common stereotypes people have about gamers. However, the general opinion has started to change lately, especially due to some fact and tools used to dismantle stereotypes. Gaming social networks represent one of them. Millions of people create an account on one of these platforms, such as GAMURS, because it gives them the possibility to interact, exchange information and find out the latest changes in the industry. They represent the clear proof that gamers are not antisocial, they just want to spend more time and get to know better those who share their interests.