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Coping with a boiler breakdown in winter

Facing a boiler breakdown in winter is probably one of the most unpleasant and unexpected situations which everybody would do anything possible to avoid. Sudden cold temperatures can affect your boiler’s optimal efficiency and lead to a breakdown. The fact that you can no longer heat your house when the weather conditions are extremely harsh and the temperatures are extremely low can make you experience a terrible situation for which you need to find a solution as soon as possible. When you are facing a boiler emergency, you need to understand that apart from the fact that it is an unpleasant situation due to the fact that you can no longer heat your house, it can also be a real danger for you and your family. In order to fix the problem as soon as possible and keep you and your family safe, you definitely need to ask for the help of professionals who have all the necessary skills and knowledge to fix the boiler of your household.  Here are the most common causes of a boiler breakdown which could be the reason for the situation which you are dealing with.

 Common causes of a boiler breakdown

Frozen plumbing is one of the most common causes of a boiler breakdown during winter due to the fact that when the temperatures drop below zero, the standing water in the pipes and in the boiler freezes. The condensate pipe can freeze shut and prevent the boiler from working.

Old boiler is another reason why boilers simply break down out of the sudden. Even if you have been extremely careful with the maintenance of the boiler, corrosion and rust can rot through internal components and cause leaks and mechanical failure. If your boiler is old and you suspect that its breakdown is related to the fact that its life-span is over, you should better consider temporary boiler rental due to the fact that finding a new boiler and installing it can take a big amount of time.

Mechanical boiler breakdown can be a problem in the interconnecting pipework such as plumbing and radiators. Air or other debris can get caught up in the pipework and stop water from circulating properly or making it infiltrate in the boiler and damage the internal components of it.

If you are dealing with a boiler breakdown in the middle of winter, no matter what damage you might suspect for the breakdown of the boiler, you need to make sure that you get your boiler checked by a professional in order to ensure that your boiler gets fixed and does not lead to more complications which can irreversibly damage your boiler. Considering the fact that you need to find a quick solution to warm your house in cold weather in order to ensure the suitable environment for yourself and your family, renting a boiler such as the ones from A Heating as a temporary solution until the boiler which you have in your household will be functional again.