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Cure viral infections with Chinese medicine

According to modern science, virus behavior is becoming more and more complex and curing the common cold is harder than you would have expected. Although it is not very threatening, the common cold is typically involves symptoms such as fever, headaches, diarrhea, which can make you feel uncomfortable at least. Antibiotics have become useless in the fight against the common cold, not to mention that in the process they destroy the good bacteria as well, which leads to many health issues such as Candida Albicans infections. It seems that the only efficient remedy against viral infections is traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese medical system does not need sophisticated drugs to cure viral infections and this is proven by the fact that the Chinese have successfully been treating the common cold for hundreds of years. Medicine such as Banlangen Keli does not have a negative impact on the body’s immune system. On the contrary, it gives the body strength to fight the infection.

Even though you take them on a regular basis, antibiotics are extremely harmful for the body because they destroy bacteria that are actually beneficial. While it may seem highly unlikely, people actually have bacteria in their small intestines. Their role is to destroy the toxins and to stimulate the absorption of essential nutrients. If the number of good bacteria is reduced, then the intestinal toxins tend to accumulate and the result is that you lose your appetite. A further accumulation of toxins is caused by Candida that shrinks the intestine and this leads to the weakness of the immune system. Consequently, the human body is not capable of protecting itself from infections. Nevertheless, American doctors do not prescribe antibiotics out of pleasure, but rather because they do not have other means at their disposal. Chinese medicine does not have side effects because it resorts to a more natural approach when it comes to treating viral infections. This is efficiently done with the help of herbal formulas such as those used for manufacturing Xiangsha Liujun Wan and the choice of the herbal remedy depends on the stage of the infection, the location and the degree of severity.

The purpose of the treatment is to evacuate the pathogens, in other words the virus and the cold wind energy through sweating or urination. Apart from herbal remedies, TCM treatment for colds includes following a diet that is prescribed according to the constitution of the person. In order to find out if you have a hot or cold constitution, you should eat some ginger and see whether you experience sweating, sore throat or dry mouth. If you do, you have a hot constitution and you need cooling foods. TCM takes into consideration the emotions as well. The reason for this is that emotions such as excessive joy or anger can bring harm to the organs. When you experience flu-related symptoms, immediately seek the help of a TCM doctor, the only one capable of prescribing appropriate formulas based on your overall symptoms.