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Different types of hydroponics techniques

For many years now sustainable agriculture has been a matter of great interest, as people have tried to come up with a way of growing crops without the limitations imposed by different types of soil in different areas and regions of the world. Consequently, hydroponics systems have become very popular, as they gave people a solution to growing crops in the absence of soil and even enabled rooftop farming, which is highly helpful and convenient in urban areas, where space is limited. There are many advantages that come with this type of agriculture and the main one is that it is accessible to virtually anybody with the right hydroponics supplies or starter kits. Although advanced systems involve several techniques and certain equipment, anyone can easily take it up provided they find a well-supplied and reliable hydroponics store, such as Easy Grow Hydroponics, to help them get started.


As mentioned above, there are several types of hydroponics systems and also different techniques that can be used, the most commonly met one being the nutrient film technique. This is best used for plants with long roots and it is based on a circulatory system that continuously pumps water with nutrients into a sloped channel, while the plants are suspended above the nutrient water, having their roots dangle in the solution. The technique is quite simple, but one needs to constantly keep an eye on the system, so that the roots of the plants don’t overgrow and block the channel, as the whole process gets disrupted. In order for this technique to give the best results, then you need to have a good, high quality water pump, so that the plants won’t dry out. As said, you can find great hydroponics supplies online, you just need to take the time and search for the best products and the best stores. Another technique is represented by dynamic root floating, which is a non circulatory method and only requires the use of simple pumps, which are not in continuous use. This technique is best suitable for tropical and subtropical climates, but it is not limited to those.


The water culture technique is also very popular and involves the roots of plants dangling in solution freely. Because of that, a common problem of this technique is root aeration, which is usually solved by adding an air pump to the system. Air pumps can also be found in stores specialised in hydroponics supplies, although there are starter kits that come with virtually everything you need to make such a system work. The water culture technique is best suitable for plants such as lettuce, which grow fast. It is important to keep in mind that advanced hydroponics systems can be expensive and highly intensive, but simplified hydroponics is cheaper and much simpler, enjoying low operational and maintenance costs, which is worth considering, even though the yields are lower in comparison to those achieved through advanced systems.