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Discover the beauties of province of Viterbo

The Province of Viterbo is an Italian location belonging to the Lazio region, and it is placed in an advantageous part of the country: in the west it has the Tyrrhenian Sea and in the south the Province of Rome. Unofficially called “Tuscia”, especially by Italian people, the area is pretty wide and has a large number of inhabitants. It if formed of about sixty communes, out of which about twenty are4 the main ones, because they have developed agrotourism activities and people from all over the world come here to see the picturesque landscapes and farms. The province is rich in culture, history and local folklore, and in case you are considering including it in your trip to Italy, you should know that there are many accommodation possibilities in the area, such as Agriturismo Poggio di Montedoro – a complex of five independent houses, specially redesigned to receive people interested in an alternative type of vacation. The surroundings include various natural beauties, such as lakes (the basin of Vico and Bolsena) or traditional small towns which still keep their old architecture and style. Everything is sprinkled with tradition and culture, from the mountains to the sea, and you can admire impressive monuments, unique Roman ruins and buildings (such as castles, churches or palaces) which clearly show the evolution of this region over time.

People are simple and friendly, and they try as much as they can to maintain the province unaltered by the modern designs and practices. In many communes of the region, the inhabitants still have as their main occupation and revenue source agriculture, and this unaltered tradition is what makes the communes special. Agriturismi Montefiascone has somehow become a trade mark of the area, and those who want to spend a relaxing holiday and feel disconnected from their daily activities in a large urban area come here and enjoy the silence and the genuine traditions. Montefiascone is located on the highest part of the hill, which is why it is visible from the distance, and also offers amazing views to its visitors and inhabitants: rich forests, archeological sites, wide cereal or flower fields, vineyards and many others. The common has flourished during the Middle Ages around a fortified rock, which used to offer protection to some popes, whose election was not accepted by people. All these small catchy stories and the simple yet complex way of living of the locals have transformed this picturesque place into a popular resort for those who are passionate about traditions and culture.

The Province of Viterba has a volcanic soil which has enabled the formation of two volcanic lakes, Bolsena (the first European volcanic lake by extinction) and Vico. Both of these are natural places extremely beautiful, and those who are looking for holiday farmhouse Bolsena, they should know that this region has a lot to offer. The breathtaking landscape makes the province surreal yet rustic, and the tourists leave fascinated by these undiscovered beauties: the flora, in amazingly varied, due to the climate and the vicinity of the mountains: large beech forests can be seen on the highest peaks, while chestnut trees and oak are enriching the lower areas.