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Do not waste warehouse space – implement smart solutions

Industrial storage is extremely important for any company, regardless its field of activity. No matter how much space you have, chances are that in the following period you will be running out of room, so you have to be prepared. In case you think your warehouse is not used in the most properly manner, then it is probably time for a re-arrangement. Fortunately, there are several specialised companies, such as Rapid Racking, providing efficient storage solutions for any type of commercial space. You will see that there are plenty of options to choose from in order to gain more space and streamline your company’s activity. Of course, you can always choose to relocate to a larger warehouse, but this would mean a huge blockage in your entire activity. For this reason, the best thing you could so is improve the utilization of your existing space, through some simple strategies.

To begin with, you need to choose the most suitable storage solution. This means that you have to pick your units depending on your activity, the nature and the weight of the items you store as well as the equipment you use for inbound or outbound process. In case you need heavy duty racking, make sure the products you select are the best ones. This helps you prevent work accidents, waste of materials and also waste of space. In addition to this, another great suggestion is to reduce aisle width, because besides the racks per-se, the aisles also tend to occupy more space than they should. If you talk to a racking UK expert, you will find out there are several types of aisles and minimising the distance between shelves is one of the most simple yet efficient options you have. Of course, you have to calculate everything diligently and make the adjustments in accordance with your current requirements. An important thing you must keep in mind is the dimension of pallets you normally transport and also the size the industrial trucks you are using for inbound and outbound activities. These two are the most important elements which dictate the width of the aisles. Generally, a narrow aisle has 96 to 108 inches, depending on the industrial vehicles used for transportation. If necessary, you can even consider investing an a smaller forklift truck, if on a long term this brings you financial benefits due to the storage space you gain. As far as aisles are concerned, besides their width, you should think about the number as well: if possible reduce the number and make more room for shelving structures.

As you can see, there is more than one solution for maximizing storage space. So if you are running out of room in your warehouse, rest assured than a logistic expert will help you make the best out of what you already have. You do not need to change the location or build an annex, because your current space will do the job perfectly, as long as it is professionally organised.