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Do your homework before ordering gems online

If you have decided to start your own business and you need to buy loose gems, then you should know that regardless their purpose, the best option is an online store. This purchase method is way easier and cheaper than buying from a jeweller, not to mention the multitude of alternatives that you can choose from. This represents maybe the biggest advantage the virtual space has over brick and mortar stores: the possibility of choosing from hundreds of different shops and products. Of course, in order for your purchase to be successful, you have to collaborate with a reputable retailer, such as Lawson Gems – there will be no delivery issues, the prices are extremely affordable and the standards of quality are very high. Taking into consideration that using the online method, you can have access to an international network of sellers, whose products are among the most diversified, it is practically impossible not to find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you want to handcraft some accessories for yourself or you need large amounts of gems, making an informed decision is extremely important, so you have to read about the subject and do your homework before actually ordering from an online supplier.


First of all, you must have clearly established the purpose, in order to choose the most appropriate type of gem. Sometimes, when you buy gemstones online, you are likely to find a short guide on the provider’s page, but do not take this for granted and read a bit in advance. If you are not a beginner in the field, you are probably familiarised with some aspects and you know what type of gem you need. The category of semi-precious stones consists in hundreds of assortments, so make sure you know the main features of each of them. There are faceted gems, cabochons, carving and many others, and their uses are diverse, so you should know what you need the gems for, before launching the order. Keep in mind that shipping may cost you some money, so in case you are planning to implement a long term project and spare some expenses, then you should order a larger lot. Furthermore, make sure you buy crystals from a reputable supplier belonging to an authorised country – to this purpose, inform yourself about international rules and regulations.


In addition to these aspects, another relevant characteristic of the gems is represented by their state. This means their degree of processing and generally, from this point of view, there are two main types of gems: rough and enhanced. The first category means that the stones are uncut and come as natural as possible (they actually look like a regular stone), while the second one consists in gems that have been cut and processed (partially) and are more ready for use. The first type will require the use of special devices, because you will not be able to reshape the gems without these, so in case you do not have the appropriate tools, you should consider buying enhanced stones.