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EBooks or traditional books: tough decision

According to recent studies eBooks are the number one choice of literature consumers when it comes to actually purchasing a work out of the pleasure of reading and the concrete results are based on the surveys performed on popular e-commerce websites such as Amazon, but from regular book stands as well. The reality is moving towards the removal of old-fashioned printing and this is not at all unexpected in the technology era. At present there is still much debate on the subject of whether the advantages of eBooks online overshadow those of physical books altogether. In contrast, there are still an important number of people that militate for the preservation of traditional reading materials. Before reaching any conclusion it is worth considering both arguments in order to be able to answer the following question: eBooks or traditional books?

The introduction of the Kindle represents just one of the many reasons that can explain the constant growth of the popularity of the electronic book. The fact is that the cost of printing traditional books is decided by numerous factors such as office space, salaries and utilities which can turn out to be more expensive than anticipated in the beginning and these expenses are reflected in the price of the product. But that is really the main issue, but rather the fact that the author has no palpable guarantee that the investment made in publishing will pay off because the inflated price tag is not appealing to the common reader. By contrast, while digital books cost almost the same owing to the fact that the publishing house needs to pay the graphic designer and the tech staff, the reader is given the possibility of surfing the Internet for all sorts of free of charge literature works from the eBook library as long as they fall into the category of classic works.

Their price tags may range from cheaply affordable to expensive, but electronic books come with an entire package of benefits. To begin with, you have the possibility of storing up to hundreds of volumes on the computer, tablet or phone owing to the fact that they are made available in formats such as PDF and EPUB that are supported by most devices as opposed to traditional books that take up large spaces in the house even if you can afford to purchase a comprehensive library. The digital book allows the avid reader to transport his favorite work everywhere and lecture in the bus or while you are on vacation. The truth is that many enjoy reading as a pastime activity. The Kindle even offers subscription to popular magazines.

Furthermore, the biggest contrast between eBooks and traditional books is represented by the fact that digital books such as those provided by ChatEbooks can be adjusted in terms of font. In other words, you can enlarge the size of the text and even make adjustments to the color or font. Contrary to popular belief, digital books are not hard on the eye because they require exterior lighting. Besides the fact that they are visible in bright light, many digital books are made available with built-in lights. To conclude, as compared to traditional books which do not have interactive features such as vivid image and animations, but only an interesting binding, it is pretty clear what consumers will choose.