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Enjoy a safari tour in Southern Africa

If you want to live a unique traveling experience, then the Southern part of Africa is definitely the ideal destination for you. Whether you are fascinated by exotic species, rich vegetation and unaltered landscapes, you will find all these in the countries from this region. If you ask somebody who has visited this part of the continent, they will tell you that “diversity” is the perfect word to describe it. At each step, you will discover something new about this land, its culture and its history: there is a lot of variety, a certain contrast and sometimes even a small conflict between the views, and this is what makes Africa really special. The safari is a resourceful mix of traditionalism, color and life, while the locals will impress you with their creeds, customs, language and culture. If you are willing to see the most beautiful spectacle of life, then you should use the services of Crossland Etnia and book a tour in the South African safari. Besides the amazing culture, people and wildlife, you will also have the change to explore unique geological formations and experience regional climates.


Tanzania is maybe the most popular safari country in Southern Africa, and annually, people from all around the world come here to see the unspoiled spectacle of rich flora and fauna. It is often said that the region is “a world in one country”, and this will be proven to you as soon as you step on its ground. Safari Tanzania is quite impressive: an area of about one million square kilometers that stretchs from the Great Lakes region to the foot of Kilimanjaro, inhabited by a number of species (lions, cheetahs, elephants, and many others). The slopes of Kilimanjaro will charm you from the first moment, as well as the legendary wildebeest migration that takes place once a year. If you are lucky enough to visit the area at the right time, you will definitely witness one of the largest life spectacles in the world. Billions of animals start their journey from northern or southern Serengeti, depending on the season, looking for food and better weather conditions. Besides the great migration, which represents a true attraction for tourists, Tanzania as multiple natural reservations (most of them are UNESCO heritages), among which 14 natural parks and 16 forest reserves, 2 marina parks and many small islands.


The Botswana safari should also be on your “to do” list when it comes to exploring the Southern countries of Africa. The wildlife diversity is amazing, and almost a fifth of Botswana’s area is dedicated to natural protection of the environment. You can start by seeing the Chobe National park, then go on a guided trip to Moremi Game Reserve and visit oasis in the Kalahari Desert. There, you will have the chance to see some of the greatest animals alive in Africa, such as giraffes, lions and elephants, in their natural habitat. In addition to this, the simplicity of accommodations and facilities will allow you to enjoy the full contact with nature and forget about contemporaneity.