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Female pattern baldness: everything you need to know about it

More and more women are facing hair loss these days, and if for some of them, the main cause is stress, for some others the cause is a condition called female pattern baldness. This means that they would slowly notice that they lose their hair according to a typical pattern, and they are not able to stop it, when they use the standard products from the market. Growing your hair long is a long process, because it grows about an inch in a couple of months, so when you notice that you are loosing it, after trying so hard to maintain it long and beautiful, you might be quite disappointed. Each hair grows for no longer than 2 or 4 years, and it would not remain at that length for long, because after a short period of time it falls. So, if you think that you might suffer from female pattern baldness, you might want to try Povillus to help you deal with it.

When the hair falls, a new one would soon grow in its place, because for the majority of persons 85% of the hair on their head grows and only 15% is in the resting phase. But, if you are suffering from this disorder, you would notice that when the hair falls there is no new one to grow in its place. The causes of this conditions are not fully understood, but they are associated with aging, genetic predisposition, and the levels of hormones from your body. Because they do not have a certain cause of this condition, the majority of people prefer to use different products from the market, and they end up reading Provillus reviews, because it is stated that this product is quite effective in helping people dealing with this issue. It is advisable to use products, which would help you prevent hair loss, especially when you know that your body suffers changes in the levels of androgens or if you experience a hormonal change.

The first sign that you are suffering from female pattern baldness is when you see that your hair is getting thinner all over your head, and only the front line hair remains strong. Also you would notice that you experience mild to moderate hair loss at the hairline or crown. Luckily, this disorder does not leads to total baldness as it does in men. In case you notice that you have issues with lashes growth, then you should not consider it a sign of this condition, and start using products from Lasiq, because they would help you recover the beauty of your lashes. You would be able to diagnose this issue if you are taking a skin biopsy. When it comes to treatment, you should ask the advice of the doctor, but you can also try some products from the market, which contain minoxidil, which is seen as the only medicine able to treat female pattern baldness. Oral contraceptives are also seen as a way of preventing hair loss, so you should ask your doctor about this option.