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Finding the best treatment for back pain

Athletes or not, there are a lot of people who suffer from musculo-skeletal pain, whether it’s neck and back pain, post injury pain or any other kind. While western medicine has plenty of drugs and treatments that are successful to healing pain, there are many individuals who wish to give recovery a try without the use of drugs and any of the side effects. For them, chiropractic is the best answer and the good news is that, with a thorough research, one should be able to find a practice that deals with WCB coverage BC, so that you can benefit from these services within your insurance. A lot of people used to be under the misimpression that only medical treatments, such as surgery or hospital admissions or prescriptions from medical physicians are prone to BC MSP coverage, but the truth is that many insurance companies also provide coverage for chiropractic treatments, so this shouldn’t be a concern. Of course, there is always the issue of finding a chiropractor that takes on WCB cases or ICBC patients, a good example in that direction being Burnaby Metrotown Chiropractic.


Leaving aside the obvious benefit of chiropractors and specialized practices in the field falling under the WCB coverage BC, there is still the issue of the right or the best treatment for back pain to be settled. As mentioned above, there are people who don’t trust anything outside the Western medicine area and others who would much rather not take drugs or go through surgery. Of course, the best treatment is highly dependent not only on the individuality of each person, but also on the severity and particularity of each case. Some injuries and some pain are much too advanced to be treated with mobility programs and joint strengthening, which is why, if you want to be able to make full use of the powers of chiropractic, then you need to resort to it at the first signs of pain, whether it’s lower back pain neck pain or a simple, but repetitive headache. Since there are now chiropractors that offer BC MSP coverage, there is no reason to wait.


Although it is still a sort of pilot program, the fact that there are chiropractic specialists and practices that fall under the WCB coverage BC comes as an important impulse for patients who very often worry about medical expenses paperwork. This means that even individuals who have been involved in car accidents and suffer from neck or back pain or other sorts of injuries can benefit from covered expenses for chiropractic visits. Not only that, but there are several extended health insurers who accept direct billing from chiropractors, so individuals who wish to try this type of pain treatments can feel relieved of the financial burden. Even though it shouldn’t be so, sometimes the best treatment is the treatment you can afford, because many people chose their doctors or their medical services based on their budget, as they worry about going into debt.