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Follow these tips before signing your lease

When you decide to move from your parents’ home and to rent an apartment it may look like the greatest achievement from your life, but sometimes this happiness is suddenly shuddered by the lease terms. Therefore, before renting an apartment for a year or even less, you should be sure that you understand what is written there. Finding the right place is hard enough, because its location will affect every other activity you have to do around your home. It will be the key factor for how you will sleep, eat and shop your groceries, so before signing for a change in your life read the following lines to make a wide decision.

Before signing your contract you can negotiate a rent deduction, upgrades to appliances, add or change some of the terms of your leas, or how it is called in French bail de location. If you want to negotiate before signing the lease be professional and polite through the entire process, because the way in which you behave will show the owner if you will be a good tenant or not. While negotiation be respectful, direct, open and do not forget to ask any question related to the lease contract. Be aware to write in your lease all the preexistent damage, because this will protect you from being charged with damage fees when you decide to leave the place. All the little stains from the carpet, the missing tiles from the carpet or broken blinds should be found in your lease agreement.

Make some research to see what services are included in your lease contract. If you are not in a hurry to move in, you can wait and look for a company that will provide you many services as gas, hot water, parking, and other benefits in the monthly rent. However, when you sign your lease be aware at the terms listed there, because you may get some limitations for these services. Nevertheless, this is not a very common situation. Often property owners put their renters to pay all these things on their own. Be aware to read all the terms of your Bail d’habitation, as it is called in French, because the lease agreement will be the main factor that will influence your lifestyle in the next period. An important aspect you should discuss with your renting company should be if there are pets allowed in the building. You have to be sure that your beloved four-legged friends are allowed in the apartment. There are some proprietors that would not accept to bring in reptiles or rodents, and if you have such an animal be sure that you have written in the agreement that he is allowed in. Do not think that you can sneak you dog in every day, because that is a bad idea. If you have any problems when you want to sign a lease, or want to have it done by professionals, visit You only have to write what terms you want to have included in your lease agreement, and they will have it done for you. Do not forget to negotiate your lease terms, and be aware at every hidden term.