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Garage shelves – the smart way of organising your items

When you lived for several years in the same house, you may have some things that you want to store in your garage, but also you may have a lot of things in the garage already and you may think that there is no more room left. The first step you have to take is to get all the things out of the garage, go through them carefully and dispose of the ones that you do not need any more. Surely you’ll be able to find some Christmas accessories that are broken or decorating items that you do not like any more, not to mention clothes that are out of style. Throw these things away or donate what you can to charity and classify the rest of them under different categories. After seeing how many categories you have you can start making garage shelving plans. There are different types of storage accessories and you can use one or all of them for your space.


Freestanding shelves

These storage accessories can be placed against the walls of your garage and they will offer you extra space for depositing different things you do not need in your house or garden. Make sure you buy sturdy shelves as to prevent any accidents that might be caused by overloaded shelves. You can choose these shelves in the same height and colour or you can mix different types. You can either place your items directly on the chipboard decks or use boxes and bins if you need to store small parts. Using this type of shelving and accessories you can keep your car inside the garage, because you will finally be able to enjoy plenty of room in your garage. Furthermore, if you buy freestanding units as opposed to wall fixed systems, on these garage storage shelves you can place heavy loads like tools, cans of paint or jars, as long as you respect their maximum shelf load.



These storage systems are perfect for you if you have sporting equipment to store, items that are bulky and weirdly shaped like canoes, bikes, skates and other such things. There are many types of hooks that you can invest in and also pulley systems that will help you store these items in the overhead space of your garage, truly making the most of every inch available. Pulley systems are great also because they make access to stored items easier. If your family loves biking, you may find your garage full of bikes and, even if the bikes are fun to ride in the summer, there is nothing worse than having no space in your garage because of them. Hang them on bike hooks and maximize your floor space.



Another wise way of storing things in your garage is using cabinets. They represent the best option to store things that you want or need to keep out of sight or items that might require a dust free environment. You can buy a tool cabinet from and store all your tools and small parts or components in it. Because cabinets have many drawers, you can separate everything into categories and be sure that you will find everything a lot easier and quicker every single time. If you do not like cabinets you can use different boxes that can help you achieve the same result. Buy them in different colour to distinguish between the items you place there and place them directly on the floor or on the shelves.