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Guide to wearing statement jewelry

Statement jewelry is the fashion equivalent of red lipstick: a lot of women are afraid of it and avoid wearing it, until they discover the right color and style that matches them. Without a doubt, statement jewelry seems intimidating in stores and it is often seen as too flashy or controversial, but the key is to find items that match you and, more importantly, learn how to wear them depending on your clothes and makeup. With a bit of practice and creativity, not only will you start to love the statement necklaces that you were once afraid of, but you’ll also learn to see them as a way to boost your confidence.

The first rule of statement jewelry is to combine it with basic clothing items, especially if you’re not too comfortable with it. A plain white tee and boyfriend jeans outfit might sound casual all by themselves, but if you add a bold statement necklaces into the mix, you will immediately dress it up and add a touch of glam. Basically, statement items are indicated when you feel that your outfit is missing something. For example, you can also wear large necklaces with plain shirts or all-black outfits. However, make sure you find the neckline that matches your figure and the scoop of your blouse.

The second rule of statement jewelry is to know how to balance things out. More specifically, your outfit should only have one center of interest, otherwise it can become too overwhelming. For example, you can wear stacked beaded bracelets, but keep things simple on your neck and fingers, or put on a statement necklace, but keep the rest of your accessories low key and avoid wearing a belt.

If you don’t know how to match the color of your necklaces with the color of your clothes, then here’s how you should do this. Solid colors are the easiest to match, because you can put on any shape or color of necklace and it will not clash. However, if your top or dress already has more colors and patterns to it, you should wear monochromatic accessories. Casual outfits are best worn with eclectic jewelry that adds a pop of color, while bright and colored outfits should be combined with elegant accessories.

If you opt for statement earrings, make sure you match them with your face shape and hair style. Some earrings look great with your hair down and others with your hair in a bun, so make sure you experiment in front of the mirror before leaving the house.

Last, but not least, rings are another item of statement jewelry that need a bit of work. They are easier to match in terms of color and shape, but you’ll have to make sure your nails are perfectly polished! Big rings tend to draw attention to your fingers, and you if you have chipped nail polish you won’t make a good impression. To find a huge selection of unique handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and jewelry sets, you can check out Diaga Jewelry.