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Hair loss management: Provillus

Hair loss issues are a great problem in both women and men. It overrides aspects like age or sex, and even environmental external factors. However, the proportions indicate a higher hair loss frequency in men than women. The hair loss patterns also differ a lot from men and women as well as the causes. However, recent pharmaceutical developments seem to work wonders for those in need on hair loss stopping solutions as well as regrowth products. If you read something about Provillus side effects, you can easily notice the side effects lack, while the good results seem to be backed up by many users. Such products come in different compositions for women and men, because, well, causes of hair loss vary as well. However, before fathoming how this products acts on stopping and reversing hair loss, we must understand how baldness and hair loss occur in both women and men.

For men, thick and healthy hair is associated with masculinity and beginning to lose it might cause high levels of self-esteem issues. Hair loss generally occurs because of factors such as genetic predisposition. This is crucial, and it determines a higher sensitivity towards DHT hormone, which prevents nutritive elements to be absorbed by hair follicles.  As a result, hair loss occurs. In men, products like Provillus block DHT production and with some help form a series of natural extracts like nettle extract, it empowers scalp to revive the hair growth process. Hair follicles, now properly fed with all nutritious elements they need, begin to create new hairs. Although this product has visible results after only three months, for sure results, it has to be used for at least six months. Because its components are mainly natural extracts, anybody can get in its possession, without a prescription. Luckily, there are many places where to buy Provillus from.

While in men a hormonal imbalance seems to dictate hair loss issues, in women, age seems to be the deterring factor. One in four women has hair loss related issues, and the lack of nutritious elements at the scalp’s level seems to be the second cause in frequency besides age. Products of this kind provide the elements hair follicles need to become more active or reactivate. This is a fairly simple process, but unfortunately, many refuse some research work that might stop their burden. Shame is another cause for both men and women not seeking professional help and advice.

Companies like Lashiq have this product as a top sale and it is understandable. Without a medical prescription needed for Provillus and the possibility of ordering it online, many individuals could easily stop the shame and stigma they are under for a relatively simple issue. Solutions are and they seem to work wonders. All they must do is stock on the product for three to six months and administer it properly. The recommended dosage is a pill twice a day. Many see this product as a vitamin complex, and honestly, this is exactly what it is. Besides natural extracts, the versions for both men and women have as elements a series of B Vitamins, all empowering hair growth.