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How can you buy a piece of lunar land?

If you want to impress someone offering him or her a birthday gift, you should know that it is time to forget about ordinary and boring presents. It is very difficult to find a unique gift for your mother or lover, but you shouldn’t panic because some people have already thought about that. The big question is: can you buy land on the moon? Fortunately, the answer is positive because you can easily buy a piece of land on the Moon without having to fulfill complicated formalities. You just need to fill some registration forms and send them to a specialized team who will carefully update the registration and will start preparing the pack for you. You have the possibility to choose from the Standard package or the Premium package. The Standard one costs 19.99€ and it includes 2 acres of Moon, a certificate of registration, a moon map and also a photo book. The name of the owner will be written in the certificate, which is a great advantage. You can be sure that you will impress anybody with this type of gift because only celebrities used to do something like that. Buying lunar land for someone whom you love is an unforgettable gift that everybody should consider this opportunity from now on.

The Premium package includes a Moon atlas, so you will be able to see and learn about some detailed aspects of the moon. It is the best gift for people who are passionate of space and especially Moon because the Atlas is full of pictures with the most interesting surfaces. Besides that, the Premium package is offering more than just 2 acres, because for just 24.99€ you will have the possibility to buy not less than 10 acres. You will also receive the free digital book called “Space”, which contains 50 pages with the most spectacular pictures with the moon and also with the Space. The pictures, which are taken by NASA’s specialists, are just fabulous and breathtaking. You could visit because you will find there many details about the possibility to buy lunar land. The map that you will receive is probably the most interesting thing because the land that you bought will be pointed there and you will be able to see it without effort. You will find there useful details about the piece of land that you have purchased.

If you are interested to offer a gift for a special occasion, you should know that Moon Register can help you buy the lunar land that you want. This is the perfect gesture for a special person from your life because it is something unexpected and unique. You will receive the whole pack on your email and the best thing is that you will have the possibility to share it on that person’s Facebook page. You can be sure that everybody will see it and they will send you more appreciations than you have ever thought. Another great advantage is that you will receive the gift in less than 24 hours, so you shouldn’t be afraid that it won’t arrive in time.