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How to become a successful writer

In the past, becoming a successful writer was a long and difficult process. No matter how talented you were, you had to first get acknowledged by a publishing company before you could get your work out in the world, which was definitely a challenge. Not to mention that even after getting published, even the best piece of fiction could end up in failure in lack of sufficient promotion. Great writers would end up in poverty, because they depended on editors to publish and sell their works. Nowadays, things are definitely different than in the past. Of course, a writer still requires the help of a publishing company, but the relationship is no longer that of dependency, because writers can resort to the online environment to make their books known to the world. Numerous books, now bestsellers, have been first published online where they enjoyed a booming success. Anyone ca publish their books online, so the success of a book depends solely on its quality and appeal. It is rather easy to become renowned overnight as a writer nowadays, if the story you publish is well received online and it becomes viral. With the emergence of eBooks, writers can earn money by writing without requiring the approval of an editing group. You only need to learn how to publish eBook, establish a price for your work and continue to write.


If you wish to become a famous writer, make you works known and earn money by writing, the first thing you should do is promote you’re the story you plan to release. Even if you give your book for free, there is little chance for people to read it, if they do not know anything about it or you, the writer. In fact, eBooks download is similar to going to the library and choosing the books you want to read. You would not bother with a story, if you do know anything about it or find it interesting for some reason of another. You should not neglect promotion. Release your book chapter by chapter on a large platform where readers can provide feedback, constructive criticism and ratings. If the book is good, it will get followed by more and more people and raise in ratings. Make sure you engage your audience and respond to their comments. After you finalize your book and make an eBook, you should leave an author’s note that your story is available for sale. Your avid readers will jump to the occasion to buy it.


The place where you publish your eBook is also important. Choose a specialized platform such as where people come for eBooks download. Your book will receive a better response, if it is available on the right websites, so make sure you choose well. The popularity of an eBook depends not only on its quality, but also exposure. Exposing it on an online platform that specializes in promoting eBooks will give you a competitive edge. It is easy to publish an eBook, because this type of platforms only require you to upload your book in the eBook format epub or mobi and your work will become available for anyone interested in buying it.