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How to choose wall prints for your office

In order to be productive, not only do office buildings need state of the art equipment, but also decorations that can inspire employees and create a pleasant work environment. Wall prints play an essential role in giving the office more personality and expressing your brand identity, but choosing the right ones is much more difficult compared to choosing wall décor for your home, because they have to appeal to more people and, at the same time, be appropriate for corporate use. The market does not lack in cheap canvases, so it is possible to create the perfect atmosphere without investing a huge part of your budget, but you will have to weigh your options in advance and choose something that directors, employees and visitors will love. The key to getting the perfect look is finding photo canvases that appeal to everyone, without going for generic designs or stock photography.


The perfect photo canvas for the office should achieve three things: inspire trust and professionalism to customers, inspire workers and express your corporate identity. For all these qualities to co-exist, you have to play with colors, patterns and shapes. The days when office decorators would hang copies of classic painting on the walls are gone. Now, it’s time for each company to show off its individuality by decorating their walls with creative art. If you want to avoid generic prints, you could use an online service that allows you to upload your own photo and then print it. Ask your staff what photo would inspire them the most and try to incorporate all elements into one picture. In offices, most people want to see canvas in colors that inspire serenity, such as blue, light green and pastel shades. Colors like red and orange symbolize action and energy, but, at the same time, they can become tiring to the eyes in an office environment or intimidate visitors. Unless you run a call center, you should try to avoid them as much as possible.


For best results, wall decorations should be placed on the first wall that is visible when entering the room, but not cover the entire wall. Landscapes are universal favorites and there are plenty of options that you can choose from, such as the seaside, a peaceful forest or some hills. Some decorators use creative texts or clouds of text instead of landscapes, but these tend to be colder and more impersonal. Once you choose the perfect photo, you have to think about size and placement. You want to avoid clutter, so stick with one or two big wall prints instead of a cluster of smaller prints. This will create a feeling of openness. In addition to decorating the offices where your employees work, you will also have to think about the hallway or waiting room. These areas are frequently visited by customers and you should ensure that the wall prints you hang inspire trust. After you have taken all the above factors into account, go to an online printing service such as CanvasJet to upload your photos and have them printed in a format of your choice.