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How to find your dream villa to rent in Croatia

Renting a luxury villa in Trogir for your next family trip – whether in Vinisce or in Ljubljeva – makes sense. It is cheaper compared to staying in a resort and, most importantly, you enjoy privacy. The only problem is that finding reliable villas to rent in Croatia is not easy. As a matter of fact, finding a vacation home to rent is challenging. The vast majority of booking sites do not vet their inventory, which means that it is up to you to do an intelligent search. If you are renting a villa for your Dalmatian vacation, use the following tips.

The first thing to do is use an aggregator site, namely a site that provides information from different sources. Such an online platform searches millions of listings on partner sites, so you will quickly find Croatia houses to rent. Owners pay a fee to have their properties listed and they make sure to include photos and relevant information. When having to make a decision, you will have all the details you need. What is more, they are inspected to ensure that they are up to standard and that they have accurate descriptions. When you find an option that is appealing, you can contact the owner for more information.

Listing sites are not equal, meaning that they do not display search results in the same way. While some choose to reward owners and increase their visibility, others rank listings according to how much property owners pay. What you should be looking for is a site that does not discriminate when it comes to search results. The great news is that there are many vacation rental sites on the Internet, most of them well organized and eager to share information about accommodation to rent in Croatia.

Another option you have is to get in touch with a locally –based travel agency like LARUS. It is needless to say that using an agency is convenient. You do not have to make efforts to search for luxury villas in Trogir or even personally inspect them. A travel agency can provide you reliable accommodation, but you have to be very clear about what you want. It is very important to know what you want because you will be paying for certain things. Figure out if staying just a few blocks away from the water is what you really want, or a swimming pool.

If you genuinely want to find your dream rental, you do not have to cast a wide net. This basically means that you should not ignore other options. If you see that working with a travel agency does not provide results, then resort to using vacation rental websites. When you do find your dream vacation rental, make sure to secure it with a deposit. This is the safest way to secure your finding. However, before sending the money, check past guest reviews to know what you are getting yourself into. Finally yet importantly, require a confirmation with all the details.