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How to have better sex

Although in the past, certain subjects and topics were considered taboo, such as sex, nowadays people are more and more open minded and they accept having open conversations about sexuality. The society has become more permissive, and while it was considered (at least officially), that reproduction is the main purpose of sex, now people have the courage to admit that besides the basic function, pleasure is also an important aspect of their sex life. There are special magazines, specialists, stores and even online stores, such as, which offer plenty of possibilities and ideas for those who want to spice their sex life and make the best out of their intimate moments with their partners, and why not, with themselves. Whether they admit or not, or they speak about it, everybody is having sex and wants it to be as good as possible. Sex is the best way to build a connection to your partner and have fun, while experiencing new things, so bringing some innovation in the bedroom has always been recommended by specialists. You may try new positions or buy some Ottawa adult toys to play with, you should know that creativity is the key and there are some things you can do to improve your sex performance.

More than 60 percent of women admit that they have put on a show at least once in their lives, even if the sex was not that good and they did not reach orgasm. Faking it is not at all uncommon, but while it is good for their partner’s ego, it is not that good for the women or for the couple. Men may sometimes feel comfortable with that, but those who care about their partners will want to offer them the best and faking it could become a communication issue inside the couple. Make sure you let your man know exactly what you like, do not feel bad about that and be as loud and clear as possible – this will benefit both of you: you get what you want and he is turned on by the sounds you make. Do not limit yourself only to silent moans, keep your voice up and you will be surprised of the effect this has on your partner. Loudly expressing how much you enjoy what he is doing will represent a positive reinforcement and will improve his performance, and will also help you have a real orgasm, not a fake one. Again, there will be a win-win situation that can only bring you (both) more pleasure.

In addition to this, try to bring some extra “tools” in the bed room. Make a small research and look for various and cheap sex toys in Ottawa, and use them in the most creative ways. Add some sexy lingerie and a nice atmosphere, and practice as much as you can. The more you are having sex, the strongest the connection between you will become, you will be more self-confident and this will improve the quality of your sex life significantly.