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How to integrate art prints in your home design

No matter what you are doing for a living, you definitely have an artistic side that you have to express and explore. While some people have hobbies related to this topic, you can always bring art into your life by integrating it in your home decoration. If you are an art lover, then you will be happy to find out that nowadays you can order online almost any item you are interested in. There are several specialised platforms, such as Everything Begins, providing a wide variety of objects that will make your house look amazing. These products are gathered from talented, up-and-coming international artists who want to share their views with the world and offer art lovers their unique artworks. There are so many things you can place around your home to make it look stylish and welcoming, not only on the shelves or bedside tables, but also on your walls. Look for inspiration in specialized home decoration magazines or web sites, gather ideas, unleash your imagination and get to work.

For a greater impact, you can create an art wall. A lot of people decide to paint one of their walls in a bright colour or decorate with beautiful wallpaper, in order to make a statement, but covering the surface with art works can be even more impressive and daring. So whether you are combining many images depicting precious moments of your life, or you find affordable art prints and you purchase some of these, make sure there is one wall inside your house that has a beautiful selection of artworks and pictures. You can make a collage with a single frame or mix frames of different dimensions and forms – it will look amazing either way. Most of the times, people tend to decorate the wall behind their living room sofa – this is often a safe option, but how about a new perspective? If you have a staircase inside your home, against one wall, adorning that one could be an excellent idea. Choose a design created around an oblique line and impress everyone with the innovative results. Think outside the box and remember that the walls are not the only places where you can hang framed images. In case you have a fire place, it will definitely become the focal point of the room. Try to take advantage of its central position and transform the shelf covering it into a genuine gallery, because it is the ideal place for an interesting display of art. Bookshelves are also a good choice: insert framed pictures between books, to avoid the dull effect of a local library.

When it comes to the images you decide to print and hang on your walls, you may be surprised to discover the multitude of possibilities. Look online for artworks for sale and you are likely to get the best deals. A stylish option is to choose works depicting the same subject, but using different colour schemes. You can also choose abstract images for a futuristic and modern effect, or minimalist designs and huge natural landscapes, for a serene and welcoming effect.