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How to prepare your child for kindergarten

Kindergarten is a turning point in very child’s life because it is the first type of education that he receives. Not only children are excited about the beginning of the school year, but parents as well. However, they do start preparing their children for the big transition only a few months prior to beginning to go to kinderkrippe Zuerich Oerlikon. The truth is that the preparation should start at least one year before because children do not experience change in the same way that adults do. The child is separated from everything that was once familiar to him and he consequently feels that he is abandoned. Instead of being home with his loved ones, he is taken from the universe that he knows so well and introduced to a new one, which also has a different set of rules. Kindergarten is the place where children acquire social and communication skills, as well as academic ones and this is why it is necessary to prepare him in advance.

Unless your child is in preschool or daycare, he will experience a difficult time trying to adapt to the sudden change, not to mention that educators have to work more to try to make the transition as smooth as possible. Nay parent can equip himself with tools and resources that help the child through the process. First, you will have to make sure that the child is willing to cooperate with others and follow directions. Taking into consideration that he spends most of his time with other children, learning how to communicate and collaborate on different projects is essential. If he cannot do this, then the chances are that the group does not accept him and he becomes an outsider. The reason why preschoolers have no difficulties with adapting to new environments is that they have already gone through the experience before. It is never too late to help your child acquire social skills. For instance, you can motivate him to join group activities such as gymnastic classes or convince him to start practicing a group sport. Group activities like birthdays occur all the time and your child can profit of any of them. Being aware of others is not, however, as important as being aware of himself. More precisely, when your child will attend kinderkrippe Zuerich Seebach he will be asked questions about his name, address, family members, and so on.

You should exercise these questions at home and help him memorize the important answers. On the other hand, kindergarten is the place where the child first learns important skills such as learning the letters of the alphabet and telling stories. This means that you have to make sure that he broadens his horizons, considering that kindergartens such as JoyFactory don’t focus only on the ABC’s. One solution is to read to your child every day because this help him develop language and reading skills, not to mention that they enjoy reading and discovering new things. Besides this, you can teach him the difference between various concepts and teach him to make distinctions. When doing the shopping, make him count the items with you. To conclude, engage your child in as many educative and social activities as possible to make the transition easier.