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How to prevent and detect a gas leak

Gas leaks are very dangerous and are the reason why thousands of people die every year. Even though every person is tempted to think that this could never happen to him, the fact is that they do happen with serious consequences for those involved. Usually gas leaks are caused by badly fitted appliances. Every time you purchase a new stove, you should have a gas safety engineer install it, as this is the only way in which you can have the peace of mind that everything has been installed properly.


Another way to prevent ricerca perdita gas is to have your appliances regularly inspected by a gas engineer, especially older ones. Nobody asks you to replace a functional stove, but by having it regularly inspected, you will ensure that you will not have any problems with it in the future. The worse part about gas leaks is that they can create problems when you are not at home. Most of the explosions either happen during the night when everyone is asleep and they do not detect the smell of gas or when people are out of town and turn on the lights when they arrive home. One of the easiest ways to detect a gas leak is the smell that gets spread around the room. It does not have to be a very strong smell and if you feel just the slightest hint of gas, get closer to a potential source and smell again.


Another situation when you might be experiencing gas leaks is if you start to feel dizzy or nauseous all of a sudden. You should go outside immediately and if the symptoms go away after a few minutes, you were probably suffering from gas intoxication and you need to take immediate action. Other indications that you might be dealing with a gas leak is if you have excessive condensation on your windows or the flame from your stove is not crisp blue. In both situations you should check immediately all appliances to prevent perdite antincendio. If you smell gas or you realize that there are gas leaks in your home, you should turn off your gas meter immediately and open all windows and doors to let fresh air in as fast as possible. Do not turn on any lights until you feel that there is enough fresh air in your home. After that, call a gas safety engineer to asses and fix the problem.


One of the biggest mistakes people do is that they try to fix the problem themselves. Only a licensed professional such as the ones from Cottone Luigi can guarantee the safety of your home. You might think that handling this situation will not be a big deal, but you might just delay the issue and sit on a ticking bomb if you do this. Gas engineers save lives by making sure your appliances are properly connected to gas and there are no possible leaks that could occur, so rely on them to make your home safe.