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How to select your soap

Soap is a human invention that dates back to the times of the ancient Babylon. The very first recorded soap recipe included ingredients such as ashes and sesame seed oil, while in ancient Egypt people would use soap made from combining animal oils with alkaline salts. The Muslims were the first to create scented soap and since those ancient times, soap recipes have become more and more refined. After the relationship between soap and health has become clear, its use also became widespread. This is probably the most ubiquitous hygiene product in the world, so the process of choosing the right soap is important. In this respect, it is important to note that in the past few years, manufacturers have avoided labeling their cleaning products as soap and have used body bars or beauty bars instead. In an attempt to cut down the manufacturing expenses, they have replaced natural ingredients with chemicals making soap that was more similar to washing powder. In the past decade, stricter labeling rules have forced soap manufacturers change the labels on their detergents that were promoted as soap and this is how body bars have started to show up on the shelves. You should purchase a natural bar soap and avoid beauty bars as much as possible to ensure that your skin will not be affected by harmful chemical.


The first rule when selecting your soap is to read the label carefully and ensure that the word soap is used when describing the product to avoid purchasing detergent and use it on your skin. This move will probably eliminate the majority of products available on supermarket shelves, but do not despair, the natural body care movement has grown a lot in the past few years and is still growing, and so finding a natural bar soap is not that difficult. The next thing you need to keep in mind is that the best natural soap is the one that does not have its glycerin removed. Glycerin is the ingredient that offers soap its moisturizing properties. When it comes to industrial soap, having the glycerin removed is a given, because manufacturers use it for moisturizing crèmes afterwards. What is more, you can order genuine soap and hand-made soap online from specialized suppliers such as With the advent of the e-commerce, you now have access to a great variety of handmade soaps that use an incredible variety of ingredients, each with its own specific set of properties.


Selecting your soap may seem like a long and difficult process, but the truth is that you can easily find the perfect soap by scrutinizing the market. After you discover a reliable supplier, it becomes just a matter of picking the soap you would like depending on scent and ingredients and placing an order. The best natural soap for you is not necessarily something others like to use, so take your time browsing through the wide selection of natural bar soaps available and trying everything out until you discover the ones that you like using the most.