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Hydroponic growing systems for dummies

To many of the agriculture experts and crop growers from all over the world, the concept or notion of hydroponic gardening or growing is not a unknown, but it seems that the general audiences are only now starting to learn about the wonders of harvesting crops in this way and the enormous benefits these systems provide. To better understand the mechanisms that make hydroponic growing systems work and to see precisely what this concept brings to the table, here is a short guide and informative section on all of the important aspects related to a hydroponic grow system. To find out more about the topic, see the best pieces of equipment you need and order all of the necessary systems, check out the official website of a top supplier in the field such as the renowned platform.


The basic principle behind this form of harvesting is simple: water is being used instead of soil to act as the place where crops are being grown. Soil less gardening has existed for thousands of years but it has grown in popularity in recent times especially as a result of the increasing awareness of the food production problem in certain countries and the global diminishing of crops. Some of the oldest and most well-known examples of hydrophones or soil-less planting are the Floating Gardens of China or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, in ancient times. More recently, in the 1950s to be precise, scientists begun to focus on this form of plant growing and many countries from across the globe, including the UK where the above mentioned producer operates, have adopted this form of agriculture in order to make up for the impossibility to use of their infertile, rocky soils.


So how do the hydroponic agricultural systems work? And what do they use? The answer is a growing medium which acts as a support for the roots of the plants and provides the much needed aeration of the plants. It channels water and the precious nutrients without which life cannot thrive, so its importance should not be underestimated. Depending on the type of the hydroponics solution implemented by an agriculture worker, it is recommended to use a different growing medium. Some of the mediums are fast draining while others are not, some may work best with the ebb and flow systems while others can be more suitable for a different type of solution. Whichever the choice, hydrophones are highly beneficial and the great results they render can be noticed all over the world.


The main advantages of using these systems are a faster growth rate of the plants or harvest when compared to the classic soil gardening, the greater yield of the plant caused by increased amounts of oxygen, less bug or infestation problems which is always good news for growers, and overall a healthier faster growing plant. Not to mention the fact that with these systems in place, crops can be grown in places or regions where this was not possible in the past, lowering costs for companies and the local residents alike, and promising regional production over imports.