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Improve your upload time to YouTube with video compression

Those who keep a regular vlog on YouTube are probably aware of the problems they can encounter when uploading a video. Many times they can wait for hours until the video is properly uploaded and sometimes an unexpected error can occur that makes everything a waste of time. This is why many users want to compress video files before uploading them in an effort to lower their upload time, but they are afraid that this compression will damage the quality of their video.


There are several factors that can increase the upload time. Some of them can be controlled and others cannot. For instance, if the internet connection in your region or part of the city is not very good, chances are that your video will take a bit longer than usual to upload. Of course, unless you change your internet provider for someone who offers a higher speed, there is not much that you can do. Another potential problem that might be causing a slow internet connection if there are too many devices connected to your wifi. In this case the solution is simple: just disconnect some of the devices such as phones or anything else that does not necessarily need to be connected to the internet permanently until the video has finished uploading. After that, everything can go back to normal. There are many other potential factors that will slow down your internet, so you just have to make time and assess the situation to determine what can be done in every case.


When there isn’t anything that can be done to improve your internet speed, the best solution is to learn how to compress video files. It is incredible how much video compression can help in these situations and when you use a professional compressor, you will not even need to worry about video quality. The compressing process differs from one compressor to another, but usually it does not last more than a few minutes and you can potentially obtain a video that only has 5% of its original size. Of course, retaining the quality is also important, because nobody likes a low quality video, but with the help of tools such as clipchamp, you can always count on maintaining the quality of your videos. Also, how much your videos will be compressed depends on format, size, codecs and many other factors such as resolution or bit rate, so don’t expect files to have the same compression rate every time.


One thing is for sure, when you compress video files, you will be able to upload them to YouTube without having to wait for hours. Most of the times the upload will only take a few minutes and it will be over before you know it. Your uploading experience will be considerably better and you can always count on a professional video compressor to offer you the services you need, when you need them. However, take your time and make sure you have the right tool on your side and not something that complicates things even more.