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Is fasting healthy for your body?

Many people think fasting a type of starvation, but you should not have this wrong idea, because starvation does not start until after not eating for 24 hours. Considering that skipping a meal once a day, or having a short-term fasting leads to starvation is absurd. Actually when talking with specialists in metabolism care, they recommend their patients to have fasting from time to time, because it comes with numerous benefits, and they would only improve their health state, in this way. The key is to have intermittent healthy fasting, and if you follow the advice of specialists, you would not experience any health issue. The health community considers it extremely beneficial for the body, and in case you are dealing with extra pounds, you should view it as a way of helping you manage your health. Fasting is considered a safe way of losing weight, and if you include intermittent fasting in your lifestyle, you would help your body burn the fat cells.

Specialists recommend to include in your daily life intermittent fasting, which is a type of fasting which lasts for at least 10 hours when ketosis become effective. In this way, your body would have to use fat as the primary source of energy. Even athletes use fasting when they have to maintain a low body fat percentage, so you should try it too. Lebron James is the proof that low carbohydrate, high fat, ketotic diet is one of the best for athletes and  many others who followed and won in many competitions including marathons. The specialists in weight loss Cincinnati are also stating that it is not beneficial only for losing weight but also for improving the insulin sensitivity. This means that you would be able to tolerate carbohydrates better, an important goal in treating overweight and diabetes. After you fast, your insulin would be more effective and would induce your cells to take up the glucose from your blood. While fasting you would offer your digestive system a rest, and this would lead to a more efficient calories burn. When you have a poor digestion your metabolism would not be able to burn fat, and process food, but when you fast your digestion is regulated and you would benefit from an improved metabolic function.

Also, you might not believe but specialists, like the ones from The Metabolic Care Center, state that the less you eat the longer you live. Depending on the diet you adopt for your life, you have the possibility to increase your life span. Therefore, if you opt for a low carbohydrate Mediterranean or similar type of diet, and from time to time, you choose to fast, you would help your digestive system take a break. The majority of people have weight issues because of their eating patterns, but when you add fasting in your routine, you would be able to improve them, and you would not suffer any more from binge eating disorder. This combined with the advices your doctor offered you, would help you maintain a balanced diet and lose the extra pounds you are dealing with for so many years.