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Is there any difference between natural and commercial soap?

When purchasing soap and other products from the store, many do not take the time to stop and wonder if the product that are bough are really what they are advertised. Many commercials have the gift of totally misleading customers into thinking that all their products are made strictly from natural ingredients, but the truth is that the ingredients that are used in order to manufacture cleansers are not at all consumer-friendly. Contrary to popular belief, there is a significant difference between commercial and organic handmade soap. In the process of manufacturing cleansers many companies are required to comply with a given set of rules and standards so that the product that they release can be considered “natural”. The sad reality is that many consumers simply do not care or do not make even the slightest effort to know what they put on their skin or even worse what they introduce into their bodies.

To begin with, the cleansers that you are most likely to find next to you on the shelves of a supermarket are labeled with many lies. Although their etiquettes promise you that by using them you will have smooth skin and that you will feel fresher, the truth is that a message remains only this: a promise. In reality, what you purchase from the local store cannot be considered soap, as compared to those produced by a handmade soap company. What the cleansers produced by commercial companies should be called is synthetic detergents because this is what they really are. In the process of manufacturing suds there is no need for chemical adages and a cleanser can be made very simply by using a combination of oil and lard to which and alkaline solution is added. The reason for which so many cleansers are labeled as moisture or body cleansing bars is that that the FDA will not permit them to advertise their products as being soap.

In addition to this, the main contrast between commercial and organic cleansers is represented by the fact that instead of incorporating glycerin into the mix, which is a natural byproduct resulted from the manufacture, companies sell it to the cosmetic and food industry so as to make more profit. The reason for which the chemicals that are used as replacements for glycerin are so dangerous is that they can enter the blood stream and it is similar to having ingested toxins. Besides skin irritations, they can cause serious illnesses such as reproductive disorders and even cancer. This is why it is highly advisable to shop from trusted suppliers such as Simply Soaps that do not use artificial fragrances in order to mislead the customer. Their products contain only natural ingredients that contribute to the moisturizing and hydration of the skin. If you desire to avoid harsh chemicals and maintain your skin healthy, it is better to go natural because handmade soaps are retain all the oils, fats and butters that are exactly what the skin needs. Next time think twice before spending money on commercial products.