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Is watching movies a relevant activity?

Watching movies is something most people could name as their hobby. Spending time choosing a film and trying to understand the message it transmits may sometimes be something we do out of boredom, but when this becomes a regular activity that you enjoy, then it really is a hobby. While some people only do it for leisure, others have taken their passion to a whole new level, by getting involved into dedicated activities. When you get to know the history and career of almost any actor you see, then you definitely have some experience in the field. For those who are genuinely passionate about cinematography, there are even some dedicated online platforms, such as, where they can find a complex selection of movies, listed on different criteria. Some of the most common features that help experts classify the films are their genre, year of release, protagonists, ratings and so on. You may enjoy watching a good movie, but is this activity actually relevant for your general knowledge and brain?


Well, the answer to that question is definitely yes. Although most people think that they are watching a film only to pass the time, their brain is indirectly affected by this activity, most of the times in a positive manner. Recent studies have shown that some movies can help viewers increase their creativity, especially in the case of kids. So if you have children, you should allow them to watch TV, because this may actually have a positive impact on them. Seeing new things will help them broaden their horizons and develop strategic thinking, gradually becoming capable of thinking outside the box and finding innovative solution to different situations. Of course, you should search for movies by theme, in order to pick the most appropriate ones. If you want you or your children to learn new things, then a documentary or scientific film is the best choice: you do not have to make any effort, your eyes will get less tired than when reading, for example, and you can also interact with each other. Fortunately, nowadays you can find more than one internet movie database, consisting in complex lists of films clearly categorized, so it will be very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Documentaries, comedies, cultural, historic or foreign movies or cinema representations of legendary books, these can all be found on a well-stocked online platform, easing your research.


In addition to developing your imagination and fostering your thinking, it has been scientifically proven that certain movies also have an effect on your health. Let’s take, for instance, comedies: these are said to lower the blood pressure, because you spend more time laughing. During the laughter, the blood vessels dilate, as same as during cardio exercises, thus your cardiovascular system becoming more performing. What is more, certain movies can even reduce activity in some parts of the brain, leading to a better control of the anxiety. As you can see, movies not only help you spend some chill time, but also help your brain develop and bring you multiple health benefits.