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Key video compressor features you should know of

Technology has advanced greatly in the last few years, becoming indispensable for many. Together with this field, another domain has grown greatly in terms of popularity – social media. There are so many platforms that encourage socializing between their users, often by means of videos and still images, which in turn explains why more and more people are interested in how to properly convert video files. If you are wondering about the same thing, then the answer you are looking for is the highly useful web application category of video converter. This is one tool that carries several helpful features that will aid you in quickly sharing videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other social media platforms. Here are some of the features that make them such useful apps:


First, they are usually very user-friendly tools. This is the basic feature of all applications that aim for a great user experience. Without a simple interface, only a few will choose to purchase or install the program. In the end, not everyone is skilled in computer science. Secondly, a well designed converter supports a large range of input video formats and converts them reliably to the most common output formats. Imagine the convenience of using only a single tool, a single video compressor to take care of all video related tasks you are after. There are of course those apps that support audio files as well. Whatever you will end up choosing depends greatly on your needs. Are you wanting to share a large video file online and reduce its size? Do you want to convert it to MP4 to make sure it plays on your Chromebook? Furthermore, accessibility is another key feature you should be looking for. This is a rather general characteristic, especially in the world of technology. It comes without saying that irrespective of your needs, regardless of the tool you are after, being an easily accessible instrument is crucial. Related to accessibility, users have started arguing which option is best: the online conversion tool or the dedicated software that requires installation. If you have basic needs, then the online version is the better choice. You can quickly upload files and convert or compress them. There is no danger in losing those videos, as in such versions the drag and drop method is used and the most modern online converters even process the video files directly on your computer without uploading them to a Cloud-based server. Thus, if you could possibly find a tool that respects the features that have already been mentioned then it is best to stick with it.


The research you will have to perform could take some time. Even so, you should go through with it, because the quality of your videos and images is at stake. If you want clarity, then do spend some of your time comparing options and choosing the right one for your needs. If you are open to a suggestion, visit the website of clipchamp. It is a free web app that ticks all the boxes for the abovementioned criteria, offering users exactly what they are looking for – a simple, effective and secure method for all their video converting and compression needs.