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Lexington code: why you should not use this trading robot

If you are a passionate trader, you take advantage of every tool available on the market to help you with your investments. So, if you hear that a new robot is launched, you might be tempted to try it, because in the majority of cases automated trading robots help you with your investments. In this situation, it is highly advisable to not use Lexington code, because experts consider it unreliable. From its review, you will find that it was firstly designed to be used by high-end investment companies and private brokers, but now it is available for traders also. Michael Lexington established it with the purpose to offer investors the possibility to gain from $500 to $5,000. But professionals discovered that this software was not developed by rocket scientist, as Lexington states. After they have thoroughly investigated it, experts state that the results are not very promising, and they recommend people to choose another binary options robot.

From the Lexington code review, you will find that this robot is provided without having to pay any fee, and it is based on an autopilot software. It guarantees its clients that they will get a maximum return of 85% and it is browser based. The minimum deposit is $250, and this is one of the reasons people tend to ignore the reviews, and use it. Experts share a wide list of reasons why traders should not use this robot, even if it is offered free. The main one is that it does not have a creator to guarantee for it. In addition, they state that the success rate guaranteed by this provider is unrealistic, because a robot is not able to offer you such a big return. Lexington code has some shady broker connections and as a trader, you should not rely on it when investing your money. The former users provide negative feedback on its features, and they are not satisfied with the customer support service, because they consider it unreliable.

Even if the creator states that this robot will enable you place fewer trades with increased profitability rate than the other automated trading systems from the market, has checked it and discovered that it does not include unique investment tools that will offer you support in achieving this goal. Michael Lexington says that the robot uses an advanced programming algorithm, but during investigations, specialists have observed that this is not true, and the robot uses a simple Algo-trading system. And when it comes to identifying its creator, specialists had issues in finding its identity and there was no active social media profile associated with this name. Their conclusion was that he is not a real person, because there is no verifiable data on his identity. There are multiple complaints when it comes to the effectiveness of this robot, and it does not meet any safety and security standards.  Lexington code is considered a dubious autopilot system and specialists do not advise people using it, because it is probably a scam.