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Lightroom – the photographer’s BFF

Although Adobe is mostly popular for products such as Flash, Reader and Photoshop, it is capable of producing others as well. Photoshop seems to be most popular image editing program on the market thanks to its amazing effects. For this reason, there are countless websites specialized in tips for Photoshop users. Even though the program offers users the possibility to digitally alter an image, the user often makes mistakes. Those who desire to play the role of image editor have another option at hand: Lightroom. This is an essential tool for photographers who need to transform photos from RAW image to beautiful pictures. However, for the subtle impact any photographer needs the Lightroom presets free as well since they allow them to make almost any adjustments to contrast, color and so on. Apart from this, there are many reasons why Lightroom is the first choice of photographers.

To begin with, the application can be installed on no matter what device. In other words, the photographer can work with the computer or the iPad. The most important aspect is that the program was especially designed for professional photographers that take numerous pictures and are required to go through them quickly. Since the program organizes everything in one place, it is easier to have access to the collection of photos at all times. Additionally, if the library grows, then there is always the possibility of finding a photo based on the time when it was took or the person that is featured in the photo. Working with large quantities of images is made simple owing to the workflow centric program. Adobe Camera Raw engine is at the core of the program, the only difference being that the interface has an improved design. Other options include increased control over vignette effects, meaning that the photographer is able to highlight any particular area. Equally important is that Lightroom is not as complicated as Photoshop is. The tools available and the interface are extremely easy to manipulate even by the beginner. Thanks to the great presets, the photographer can make changes such as contrast and saturation automatically. Presets like those available at BeArt-Presets are not only the photographer’s dream but also highly efficient. More specifically, the photographer is not required anymore to go through a sequence of steps to process an image because the program automatically saves them.

Another important feature is the multiple plug-ins. With the best Lightroom plug-ins the photos are easily transferred to sharing websites such as Facebook or other applications. For example, with the export plug-ins the photographer is able to create a Gmail email in a matter of seconds. To conclude, Lightroom is more focused on treating the entire image instead of limiting its actions to pixel control. There is no more fear of accidentally saving over the original file since the application can be set to save a copy of the file. While in the beginning many feared this program, now most photographers cannot work without it.