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Making your home completely child-proof

A lot of changes need to be made when a child enters a home. The lucky parents must take a large number of elements into account when choosing the necessary adjustments they need to implement to their homes, particularly because it is extremely difficult to consider all the possibilities from the beginning. An often mistake being made by couples who have recently welcomed the arrival or a son or daughter is to pay a great of attention to the proofing needs when their little one is only a baby or toddler and almost never afterwards. However, as sad as it might sound, most home accidents occur when the child begins to walk and wander around the house. This is precisely why parents need to remember that they are not out of danger’s reach if their little one has passed the critical couple of years after birth. Hence the need for child proof homes and the means to achieve this goal, which was once extremely hard but now becomes a piece of cake thanks to specialized companies like Dream Vacuum and their state of the art cleaning solutions. Stick with us and you’ll find out more in an instance!


The process of cleaning one’s home is not normally regarded as a hazardous and threatening one but reality has proven that a lot of times all it takes is a winding electricity cord or a bulky and instable cleaning device for a small accident to occur. In order to prevent these situations, parents are now using a central vac power unit as opposed to the traditional ones. And the advantages are plenty! From increased speed and efficiency to an easier and stress free cleansing experience, by simply knowing that there will be no cords for the little ones to trip over or no heavy pieces that can fall on them smashing them to the floor with their exaggerated weight. These new technologies make use of central vacuum hose parts       that are incredibly light weighted, making them ideal for use around kids.


In addition to the extra safety which comes from eliminating endless cables and heavyweight machinery, there is also a health factor which needs to be taken into account. More and more couples complain that their little ones are suffering from allergies and dust is one of the main trigger that activates these symptoms. To prevent future allergic reactions and create a healthier environment for children to develop in, well informed parents choose central vacuuming power units that enable them to improve the purity of the air inside with over 60%. Every child will benefit from this change and even if this sort of switch does not prevent accidents per se, it is a great method of stopping possible health problems from developing on the long run, which is the goal of every parent after all.


The bottom line is that transforming a home from an average one to a residence where children of all ages and temperaments can enjoy a hazard free environment is not by far an easy task. Let’s not focus solely on some aspects, such as sealing plugs and gas pipes, and see the broader picture. A great vacuuming solution is exactly what you need.