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Match your hairstyle and jewelry with your dress neckline

The bride is always the one who catches the eyes of everyone in the wedding day, which is why she must pay a lot of attention to the way she looks. Apart from the fact that every girl needs to feel like a princess at least for one day, most of the times she knows exactly how she wants her dress to look like, ever since she is only a few years old. However, choosing the dream dress is a difficult task, but this is not the trickiest part. After deciding upon a model which highlights your silhouette and body shape, you also have to decide upon a hairstyle and the most suitable jewelry, not only in terms of style, but also in terms of design, texture and colour. Bling Bride Betty has a various offer including unique sets, to help you choose the best for your wedding day. Accessories are very often as important as the clothes themselves, so they must be chosen carefully, but remember that less is more, and do not exaggerate with the embellishments.

The shape, fabric and colour of your dress is the main element which influences the hairstyle and also the bridal jewelries. Many brides choose strapless dresses, because this gives them the opportunity to have many choices in terms of accessories and coiffure. This type of neckline will look amazing with loose hair, straight or relaxed waves, but also with a half up half down style, or even a fixed updo. There are plenty of options, but make sure you also wear suitable accessories, to highlight your soft skin. You can either choose a huge, shinny necklace, to compensate the emptiness of your shoulders and catch the eyes of the guests, or simply skip the necklace and opt for some huge chandelier bridal jewelry earrings instead. This way, you will focus on your décolletage, without adding extra elements to your dress. If you are courageous enough, you can even add some colour to your white crystal outfit, and pick accessories which match the colour of your bouquet or your future husband’s accessories. On the other hand, there is the high neckline, which is often an atypical choice among brides, and can be perfectly matched with a bun – either a messy or a fixed one. This type of dress is extremely romantic and is normally made of lace or organza, so it is “full” yet elegant, without requiring a lot of accessories. For this reason, you will not be able to wear anything on your neck, you can put on some small earrings, and focus on bridal jewelry bracelets. However, the V-shaped neckline remains the most common, due to the fact that it is comfortable and allows brides to choose almost whatever they want: waves, buns, updos, French braids or one side coiffures, they can all be matched to a simple V décolletage. There is no exact rule as far as jewelries are concerned, as long as they look elegant.

To sum up, being a bride is not an easy job to do, but since you must look astonishing, you can read some specialized magazines and articles, to see which are the tendencies and fashion “rules”. Regardless your choice, remember to be yourself and make the choices which represent you the most accurately.