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Negotiate the rate of pay in the petroleum industry

In case you are thinking about making a sustainable choice for your future then you should consider starting to work in an industry that can offer you multiple evolution possibilities, both professionally and financially. One of the most popular and well paid fields where you could work is, definitely, the petroleum industry. Besides the convenient wages, this domain also allows you to evolve, due to the fact that is has a pyramidal structure and thus provides plenty of job opportunities. Fortunately, it seems that large companies are still panning to hire more personnel, and recent studies have shown that by 2021, the workforce need could increase by about 70%, so you might get lucky. If you have decided that this domain is suitable for you and you want to give it a shot, you should start looking for some earnings reports, in order to find out more details about each job description and the payment systems.


Given the volume of opportunities available, you may have to choose from a great variety of jobs, especially for the entry level positions. Even if you are probably having great expectations, you should know that for beginners (as same as in every industry), the salaries vary depending on the type of position you are going to occupy. To find out more about these variations and about the wage you are likely to receive, you could see a relevant wage survey UK. This kind of report will help you establish realistic expectations, but also learn about what the employers are asking from their candidates. In addition to this, you should know that most of these data bases are also used by large specialized companies and dedicated recruiting agencies, since they offer universal pieces of information about the rate of pay in the petroleum industry. The information can be found online, on platforms such as Day-Rate, which gathers data from the most relevant corporations and a wide selection of people working in the industry. You will see that besides the level of your position, there are many criteria you have to take into consideration when looking for a job and negotiating a salary in the field. One of these is represented by the qualifications and previous experience you have – if you have been working in the domain before then you are entitled to ask for a higher wage. Furthermore, the sub-domain you will be working in (engineering, geology, technology and so on) is also very relevant. Each of these require a certain level of knowledge, expertise, education and training, which is why the employer will have to keep in mind these variables when hiring you.


As you can see, before venturing to find a job in the petroleum industry and asking for a great salary, you will also have to take into consideration what you can actually offer to your employer. Think about your capabilities and skills and learn about the average payment rate, so that you can ask for a fair earning. As a beginner, you may have to settle for less, but it is worth it, since the evolution opportunities are multiple.