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Online games – then and now

Humans are generally social human beings, and everybody is aware of the fact that in the past years the world has been taken over by social media networks. These represent an easy virtual form of interaction people use, while also staying in front of the computer and doing their stuff. Online games have also become very popular, and in spite of the fact that most individuals consider them an isolation method, this is actually not true, especially since nowadays, most games can be played in a network of gamers that may or may not know each other. This, of course, has been facilitated by the evolution of technology and internet, which lead to the appearance of several pieces of software and online platforms enabling gamers to get together and spend quality time. is one of the platforms that allow users to have access to various browser based games. What makes it special is the fact that it offers the best online free games, so you can just log in and play whenever you want, without paying anything in exchange.


The desire to play and win against other people has always represented a characteristic of human beings, which is why it has appeared in several industries, from sports to music and later on, online gaming. This field has developed together with the evolution of computer networking and internet, and while years ago things were actually rudimentary, nowadays new technologies seem to appear overnight. The first forms of online games appeared before the 1990s, but since then the web was not such a big deal back then, the process of playing was much slower and troublesome. It was not until the early 2000s that multiplayer browser games reached their peak, because then internet was an important element for role playing games. After a series of interactive projects emerged, more and more people from all around the world started to use their PCs to find matching partners and thus improve their gaming experience. As you can see, the evolution of technology has had a huge influence on this domain, given the fact that initially, games were played remotely, while computer networking made it easier for users to find international team mates, which lead to the huge online franchises existing in our days.


At the moment, those who are passionate about playing online are seen as a genuine gamer community, and for good reason, if we consider that some of the most popular titles have recently reached more than 12 million international subscribers. This represents the clear proof of how far the gaming industry has come, especially in the past years, when devices have become extremely performing and developers have gone above and beyond with each and every product they release. MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) have become more than just a remote hobby, but rather an occupation and even a source of revenue for some players who have years of experience. The industry seems to be blooming, since new forms of games are being launched regularly, so stay tuned to find out where things are going to end up.